BullyTag™ is a free, mobile anti-bullying application, empowering those most likely to experience and prevent bullying - the bystanders themselves. BullyTag™ technology empowers victims and bystanders to anonymously report real-time bullying incidents through the use of a smart phone they already possess.


The client asked us to create a stunning and memorable image in the style of computer games for the new mobile application BullyTag™. We had to develop a modern style for visual communication tools online and off line. The purpose of the application is to help teenagers to reveal and report cases of violence and humiliation among schoomates.


From the meaning of the name offered by the client for the BullyTag™ application, "Bully" means "a hooligan," and it is associated with "a bull." The word "tag" is "to mark, place a label." We created the graphic image combination of the bull and target, which the client liked for associativity. We offered a digital design style that usually is used for computer games. For promotion of a new BullyTag™ mobile application, we developed a visual communication for the Tims Hortons coffee shops.


We developed a modern, memorable logo design and corporate style for the brand’s visual communications. The brand awareness in the market has grown within a short period. The application was sucessfully represented in schools and social organizations. http://www.bullytag.com/
Art Fresh is an important piece of our marketing execution.
And the results speak for themselves.
John Rowe
John Rowe President and Founder, Island Abbey Foods Ltd.