Charming Silk


Charming Silk is a boutique specializing in exclusive natural silk accessories. China is the Motherland of silk and is well known worldwide for premium silk accessories for men and women. The Charming Silk boutique carries these quality products in PEI.


Creation of a name, logo and visual style for the fashionable boutique of accessories and premium quality clothes from natural Chinese silk. Branding of the boutique interior.


Refinement and flow ability of high-quality Chinese silk, esthetics of Chinese calligraphy in connection with luxury classical European style in the fashion industry became a basis of the design concept for this new style. Symbolism of the imperial violet colour in combination with of an ivory colour created a vibrant contrast and refined solution for branding.


We developed the elegant logo with a refined visual style and design of the interior. The boutique downtown has attracted considerable interest despite catering to the high end clothes segment. Store traffic increased gradually.   
Art Fresh is an important piece of our marketing execution.
And the results speak for themselves.
John Rowe
John Rowe President and Founder, Island Abbey Foods Ltd.