Honibe® is a line of the world's first pure dried honey products from Island Abbey Foods™. Honibe® Lozenges are natural and delicious candies that can be used for cold treatment. Made from natural honey, the lozenges are a excellent product for healthy life.


Rebrand Honibe — the award-winning, world's first 100% pure honey candy brand — for better positioning in the Canadian and American markets as a healthy, natural and innovative pure dried honey sweetener for beverages. Develop the identity design for new flavours in the honey drops line.


To show the essence of the natural product in a new packaging design, we used a landscape with the clover field. (The clover flower, a melliferous herb, is a symbol in the Honibe logo.) The natural background became a key element of a line of honey lozenges for display of various flavours of the product.


After rebranding, the new Honibe lozenges with the extended product line were successfully launched in the local and North American market. The rebranding goal was reached: the vibrant and attractive new packaging design clearly delivered the main marketing message to consumers — it is a healthy and natural product made in Canada.
Art Fresh is an important piece of our marketing execution.
And the results speak for themselves.
John Rowe
John Rowe President and Founder, Island Abbey Foods Ltd.