Infinity Quannessence


Quannessence Skincare is focused on developing products that align with nature by using almost entirely plant derived ingredients. The line is based on medical principles in keeping with aesthetic techniques.


Need to create a logo and brand identity for a new luxury line (Infinity) of the natural Quannessence cosmetics that will reflect the anti-aging product concept.


An “Infinity” loop sign was designed as the main element for the logo. We developed a minimalism style for the luxury cosmetic which is represented by the packaging design and promotional materials. The elegance of a dark violet colour is complemented with silver. The refined classic style creates a “premium product” feel.


The new luxury cosmetic received a unique, modern and premium style that reflects the premium quality of Quannessence’s new products. We developed a visual style and packaging design for Solstice Redefining Serum and Equinox Age Renewal Cream with image posters.
The quality of the work and attention to details has surpassed
all of our expectations and Elena has continually impressed us with her new designs.
Our packaging is now among the best in the industry.
Reid Barnett
Reid Barnett CEO, Biospa (Quann) Cosmeceuticals Inc.