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Creating An Unique Brand Image

What do you want your company to be known for?
Your brand is the promise you make. It all starts with how your marketing talks to your customers. How would you like to sell your goods and services and name your own price? If you don’t ask the question “How can I sell not based upon price,” you will be always fighting the lowest price battle. Why the customers in your industry are price-focused? It is because your industry have not given them anything else other than price to consider. If you try to compete only based on price, you will have to sell in huge quantities and attract lots of customers to make a profit. If you really know your numbers and understand your cash flow, maybe you won’t focused on the increasing of volume of your inventory, quantity of employees and immense capacity. So, you will want to know how to market and sell your price. So, your brand should focused on its value.

A fundamental key to selling value is creating uniqueness. You must offer something that can’t be easily found anywhere else. What you must understand to thrive in business is that it is not merely the commodity or service that people buy. It is the whole experience of doing business with you. You can create a unique buying experience. And when you are successful in consistently creating that experience, you can sell based on your price.

Perceived uniqueness puts the value up. Rare treasures are worth more than common goods.

You’ve created an extraordinary product or service. You know that marketing it in the 21st century means you’re able to reach a larger audience than ever before. Positioning your business for success is challenging, especially for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Where do you start? You create a unique brand identity. Your brand identity is the combined effect of all the visual elements in your marketing strategy. From your website to your business card to a professional invoices, everything is responsible for creating an effective brand identity. A successful brand identity usually has the following 5 characteristics:

1. Be different. How is your business perceived by your target market? What unique attributes do customers associate with your business? Do ensure that your market positioning is different from your competitors’.

2. Convey the same message but with a different approach every time. Usually it takes 6 to 12 impressions for a customer to truly register a brand. Do not presume that your customer already knows what all you do. Keep repeatedly telling them what and how they can benefit from you via various ways.

3. Use your logo and tagline wherever possible. Your logo and your tagline help you establish a strong visual and verbal brand identity. Consistently using them across various ways helps you build stronger. Try implementing and incorporating all the marketing materials and properties that you are using at as many places as possible: it can be an email or your invoice or any other prominent place. This will help your brand root deep inside the consumers’ mind.

4. Be visually and textually powerful. Create a unique logo which is vibrant and attractive. Having creative visual image, being textually strong would help you make your brand distinct and memorable. It would let your customers know how serious you are. At the same time, your textual or visual content should not be formal or typical enough that people get confused or move away. The theme and the consistency both in terms of graphical image and content should be consistent across all the marketing ways.

5. Have an unique brand personality. Your clients should immediately be able to identify you. Your graphics and content should be crisp, simple and catchy. It should have the ability to hold audiences and must convey what you want your target group to know. Your brand personality defines your audiences.

Offering of relevant products or services in a unique way will build your brand uniqueness. Getting to know the target audience and their different needs can result in products and services that are exceptional. The way that the brand fulfils the customers’ needs distinguishes it from other brands.

How to find your brand’s unique voice?
Make it a personal connection! A very simple way to boost the personality of your brand is to assign three human traits that represent how your customers feel about your business and the impression you want your business to give. Ask your customers to describe you in just a few words, or review all your testimonials to see the consistent themes.

If your business were a friend, how would you describe them to your other friends? What are the qualities your business is known for, or you would like it to be known for? What is your brand passionate about? Who does it aspire to be like? The more personal questions you can make to your brand profile, the easier it will be to ensure your way of copywriting and communications are consistently “on brand”.

The next step is to translate your brand profile into a real voice, the voice of your business. You need to consider vocabulary, grammar and style used in your marketing copy. Consider the emotions you want your customer to feel when they interact with your brand. Do you want them to feel like they’re chatting with best friend, or getting the wisdom of an expert?

Your brand might have different voices for different audiences but it should always be guided by your brand profile and brand values. Consider how the tone of voice might change in different circumstances, such as the first time you communicate with a customer versus how you talk to the most active members of your social media communities.

The more real your brand voice is, the more likely it is that your customers will respond to you on a deeper, more meaningful level. And that’s the stuff of brand loyalty.

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