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Guide #4 Design, tagline, message and style

Welcome to the fourth piece in our series on branding. We’ve already worked out the basics of what information we need to create a solid branding strategy. Now, we will look at what you can do with this information.

So far, we have considered your business image, the characteristics of your target audience, and the tools you need for market and competitive analysis. With this information, we can create your corporate language and design.

Here are some specific points to think about:
Craft your brand language
Choose a tagline (catch phrase or slogan) and some key words that you wish to associate with your brand. Think about sentences that express what you have discovered from our previous tool guides. Make sure your tagline is not too complicated and people can easily remember it.
  • Use your specific language in written materials but also in conversation.
  • Keep your text as basic as you can. Consider consulting with a professional, like us, if you have concerns or need help. A good example is the tagline we created for BCFP: “Financial planning for a balanced lifestyle.” This tagline works on multiple levels because it paints the brand as honest and clear.
  • All written material associated with your brand should match your strategy. This includes your products, marketing materials and website. You want to convey a consistent image. A good example of this was the slogan Apple used for a long time: “Think Different.” Again, this worked on several levels because it painted the brand as smart and unique.
Choose a design style
Your brand needs a look that’s in line with your findings from our guide. Are you modern and sleek? Fun and colorful? Traditional and classic?
Like your language, your design style should be synchronized across all of your media.
  • Design a great logo. Your logo increases your brand recognition in the market, and it will help you build loyalty with your customers. Since your logo must be well designed, hire a professional to create it. Then, use your logo frequently and place it where it can easily be seen.
  • Choose colours that fit your message. Also, consider how using different colours affects the mood your materials convey.
  • Remember to keep things simple. You want your branding to be easily recognized and quickly remembered; the best way to accomplish this goal is to choose a unique and simple style.
At ArtFresh, we specialize in helping you define your design style. Our professional creative team will develop your unique brand identity, which will save you time and money in the future.
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