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The Importance of Outstanding Packaging Design as a Part of Professional Branding

Packaging design is the visual presentation of your product to the consumer. It determines the image that will be formed in the customer’s head before he even thinks of buying it. An attractive package that strongly conveys the brand’s message and accurately presents your product not only boosts sales, but also improves brand value, recognition and recall.

On a crowded retail shelf, your product has a better chance of being noticed if there is something unique, fresh and attractive about its packaging. When it comes to a choice between two similar products from different companies, the customer will choose the product that appeals aesthetically and emotionally to him. Most purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale especially when it is an impulse buy. An innovative package design gives your product an edge.

Package design also communicates respect towards the customer. The manner in which you package and present your product shows the care, concern, regard and value you bestow upon your product and the consumer. It can make a buyer feel that you value his business and his integrity. For example, Apple products are not only anticipated for their technical specs, their package design generates as much buzz as the product itself. This is successful branding strategy where the package design complements the product and enhances the image of the brand.

A professional package design creates a neat and impressive image of the product. It also generates a “feel” of the product quality. Our company specializes in creative packaging using the most effective colour scheme and concept. In consultation with you we can achieve an innovative design solution for your product. We offer more than fifteen years of experience and portfolio in exclusive and successful packaging design for local and international companies. We are proud that our designs received recognition at the International Advertising Awards in Europe. After the launch of a new design, you may compare and analyse the product ROI and sales numbers in the market pre and post. These will show how effective and how satisfactory are the results of a new packaging design.

Packaging is an extension of your branding strategy and is a further opportunity to create a lasting impression on your customers. A professionally packaged product is like a gift: it conveys that the customer is purchasing a top quality product that has been carefully crafted from start to finish and provides value. The package design is an integral part of branding — too important to be left to chance. The purpose is not only to catch the customer’s eye, but to also make the product recognizable and one the customer buys repeatedly.

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