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The Importance of Selecting the Right Name For Your Brand

When a child is born, much thought is given to selecting a perfect name. Likewise, your brand name needs to evoke an image of what it represents. In this overcrowded marketplace with competitors constantly coming up with new products, having a unique name sets you apart. The name chosen needs to be short, uncluttered, eye-catching, easy to recall and capture the essence of your core theme.

Many celebrities, actors and designers change their name before launching themselves as stars. This strategy has time and again proved successful. Choosing the right name can powerfully and strongly conjure a message that the brand experience is one the customer expects. Choosing a name is a crucial process as it sums up the look and feel of your brand in a word or two. The name has to be SEO friendly and eye catching and should not confuse the customer by sounding similar to a competitor’s name.

Coming up with a name is one thing. Much pre-screening needs delving into to ensure that no legal hindrances exist. A professional agency takes care of the legalities and the suitability processes. They are expert at brainstorming based on your requirements. They find names that are legally available, obtain great results on search engines to fulfil your requirements of what you envisage your brand to be.

Your name should be effective in targeting your audience. It should be visually appealing on a signboard or storefront. The font and colors for your brand name should be correctly and carefully chosen to portray the image you want to create in the customer’s mind.

The importance of choosing the right name cannot be overemphasized; you will always be known by your name. All associations in terms of product quality and value are tied to your name. From creating the initial connect with the target customers to becoming a long term preference, it is the chosen name that plays the important role.

A well-conceived name helps determine the success of your brand. Think hard and deep about what you want your name to stand for. Your company/brand name is the legacy that you will leave behind. The scenarios will change over the decades, your brand name needs to sustain and grow through ups and downs, be able to evolve, adapt and not stagnate. It should be able to stand apart and create a niche for itself. Most importantly, it should stand the test of time.

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