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Creation of the brand is a business investment. Every business requires a concept that will merge together the ideas, practices, and identity of the company. The values and goals of the company, synchronized together, form a brand. The brand reflects the very essence of the company: its market positioning, the message it brings the consumers, and the values that are prioritized for its employees.

A brand is the key ingredient that provides the company and its product/service with an identity, which is distinct from those of its competitors in the marketplace. A brand consolidates all associations and emotions of the consumer regarding the product or service. It is the essence of a company and its philosophy expressed in a single thought.

In the modern world, it is vital to stand out in the market as the success of a product/service not only depends on its practical benefits, but also emotional, and at times, even irrational attachment of consumers to the brand.

A name, image, and history are created and melded into a common idea to achieve brand goals.

The client: BullyTag Branding
The task that we received from our client was to create a stunning and memorable image in the style of computer games for the new mobile application BullyTag™. We had to develop a modern visual identification for online and off line promotion. The purpose of the application is to help teenagers to reveal and report cases of violence and humiliation among schoomates.
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We focus on comprehensive solutions for our clients.

Our methodology includes development of strategy, design, and brand communication and promotion.

Art Fresh is experienced in brand building. We carefully study and analyze our client’s business, determine its uniqueness, and pay attention to details which will differentiate its product or service to the consumer. We then create a strategy and ideas which will form the foundation for growth of the brand moving forward.

We build a comprehensive system for brand communication with consumers based on a deep understanding of overall business goals and strategies. Every message to the consumer is carefully crafted and must “hit home”.

In our portfolio you can see the brands we have created from the idea to successful market launch. Art Fresh applies a tailored approach for each client based on the unique nature of the business and consumer demands.
The client: Island Abbey Foods Branding
The task that we received from the client was to develop a brand identity for pure dried Agave products and to promote the Island Abbey Foods line of natural products in the North American market. PurAgave is a new brand of Island Abbey Foods. Hand crafted from the finest select Premium Blue Agave Nectar from Mexico, our PurAgave™ solid Agave products include sweeteners, candies and natural health products.
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The client: BioSpa (Quann) Cosmeceuticals Inc. Branding
Quannessence Skincare is focused on developing products that align with nature by using almost entirely plant derived ingredients. The line is based on medical principles in keeping with aesthetic techniques. We created a logo and brand identity for a new luxury line (Infinity) of the natural Quannessence cosmetics that had to reflect the unique natural product characteristics.
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