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5 Signs That You Should Change Your Logo Design

By Elena Herweyer | Jan 03 2022

Do you need to change your logo design?
The market grows and changes every day. New businesses and technologies open all the time. In this situation, companies need to evolve. They need to adapt to the times, to cope with the ever-changing needs of their clients, and to continuously compete with other businesses in the market. Without periodic upgrades of marketing and advertising strategies and improvements, companies can’t survive. This is why old systems are replaced with new ones in all business areas.

What about the company’s image and brand identity design? Do they also need upgrading from time to time? What about the company’s logo design? Should a business stick to an old logo it has used for decades? A logo is a company’s “sign” and its best representation. It’s what the public sees first and what customers immediately associate with the business. When deciding whether or not to change your company logo there are several factors you need to consider. Here are some signs that you may need to make a change.

Sign 1: Incorrect Representation
Has your business focus changed over time? If your logo design has become an inaccurate representation of your company and brand image then it definitely needs a change. A merger with another business, a company expansion, or offering more services, are some major changes a business can experience. If your current logo doesn’t represent the changes made to the business it needs to be upgraded.

Sign 2: Too Complex
A good logo design needs to be simple and memorable. It needs to work well on different media marketing platforms and in digital branding. Whether displayed on billboards or business cards, website design your logo needs to look the same and capture all the details. If your logo has a tagline it may be difficult to use for smaller prints like head letters in the brochure design or business cards.

A logo design should also be simple enough to be easily produced. You need to consider that logos with more than two or three basic colours may be more expensive in printing. If your logo is too complex you need to contact a professional graphic design studio to simplify it.

Sign 3: Antiquated or Old Fashioned
A logo design with an outdated font, colour combination, or shape will make your business seem behind the times. If your company is in an industry that needs to always be up-to-date, your company image also needs to reflect this. For example, if your company is in the high-tech industry, your logo design and brand identity need to look contemporary for sure.

Sign 4: Amateur Graphic Design
Sometimes companies, in an attempt to save money, make their logo themselves or ask a friend for help. It may have worked for you years ago, but if you are growing your business you should present a professional image to your clients; so your company logo also needs to look professional. This can be achieved through the help of professional graphic designers. Invest in a good logo and have it done by an expert – this way you save time and money in the future.

Sign 5: Does Not Add Value
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to decipher that quality is the benchmark. It is the first and most significant point to consider while building the brand’s value. Most businesses focus more on the quality of the products or services rather than their logo design and brand image. Do you think your logo is eye-catching? Your logo should look professional and deliver a visual message of quality to potential clients. Your logo is the main part of your brand identity and it needs to add value to your brand development. If your current logo design doesn’t do that then it may be time for a rebranding. Art Fresh is recognized as a top logo design company on DesignRush and we will be glad to help your business create a unique brand identity to stand out among your competitors.
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