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5 Simple Marketing Strategies That Help You to Develop a Strong Brand

By Elena Herweyer | Nov 18 2021

We are starting our own blog to show you the basics of branding. Don't worry. We make it clear and simple and give you the steps you can implement immediately. So, grab a coffee and forget about your emails and appointments for the next four minutes.

Branding isn't a complicated process. It's actually quite easy if you follow just a few basics. In opposite, too much thinking and opportunities will paralyze you in your decision-making and will get you nowhere.

But what has marketing to do with branding? Everything. Let's take a look at five basic marketing sections and how they help you in developing a brand:
1) Finding your customers' pain points: If you listen carefully and extract the problems your customers are facing, you set everything up for finding a good opportunity.

What's the branding in here? Your customers will notice how serious you take their problems, and that will be part of the image of your company they create in their minds. Therefore your presentation, everything from logo design to services, has to be professional. This is crucial for creating a good reputation in your target market.
2) Create the solution: Develop a product, may it be informational or physical, to solve the problem extracted in step one.

If your solution is sophisticated and unique, it will add to your brand. But you don't want to present it with cheap graphics or else your credibility will suffer.
3) Put a price tag on it: First, do your market research. Look at companies who are doing something similar and at your direct competitors, what they offer and what they charge for it. Do some experiments, and try to sell your product at different prices and see what your market will accept. Remember that your goal is to create repeated sales, not receive just a one-time customer.

A well-thought-of brand strategy will help you to position your product and service in the market correctly. Often your customer attributes a higher quality to a higher-priced product. It increases their buying experience, and your brand will be perceived as one of excellence, or in other cases as the company where they can fulfill their need with a tight budget.
4) Tell everyone about your product or service and make sure they do as well: This step is one of the main tasks of marketing communication and can be easily done with social media marketing. It's one of the most important sections of modern marketing. It has a direct impact on your sales.

What to tell and how to present it, congruent with your company and products, making your customer trust you, is the main task of branding.
5) Deliver: Whatever you promise your customers, deliver it. Fulfilling is one of the strongest marketing tools you have.

Meeting your customer’s expectations is a huge part of branding, too. Your customer has a specific image of your company in their mind. Whether you’re perceived as reliable or not, whether you fit their needs or not. And facts matter little. A recent example is the wrong news about bending iPhones. Always delivering what you have promised is a good way to strengthen your brand.
To sum up: A good branding, graphic design and marketing strategy doesn't have to be complicated. In the case of branding, just take a look at your processes and see how they influence your branding in a good or bad way and make adjustments. If you want to dig deeper into this topic just make a call with us. Integrated Marketing Agencies like ours will provide you with a comprehensive marketing solution to reach your business goals faster.
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