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6 Persuasive Communication Tips for Your Marketing Strategy

By Art Fresh | Jan 31 2022

We like to say that no matter how well designed your marketing strategy is, it’s doomed if it doesn’t communicate the right way. Luckily for us, there are some golden rules to follow when it comes to trying to be more persuasive. We can use them to lubricate our marketing machines, whether we’re speaking in person, on social media or via email.
1. Authority
When looking for information, you want to get it from trusted sources, right? With the rise of the Internet, which has made it easier than ever to publish content and create a business, this has become more important. When delivering your offer, focus on authoritative credentials and number-based results.
2. Commitment
We don’t just like, we actually want to be provided with a clear and concise vision of what a company’s mission is. Remember, transparency is crucial. Know what you stand for, deliver the message, and firmly commit to delivering the value. Define your business and what it has to give and how it can give it. Then take a piece of paper and write down what you are committed to. When you externalize it on paper, it will seem more tangible.
3. Reciprocity
He who gives shall be given in return! I want to see this in a pocketbook of marketing proverbs (if anybody ever writes one). When we give something, the receiver feels obligated to reciprocate, even with a simple “Thanks!”. The very act of giving gives you influence and power over the receiver at a given moment. But if you dismiss the exchange as irrelevant – the moment is forever lost. Reciprocity is priceless if you’re building a strong brand identity because it tells people that they can trust you.

4. Scarcity
The unique, unusual, rare and exclusive is what always attracts us. “Just give me that special deal or let me be among the few that are helping you in doing something fresh!” This is where the principle of scarcity comes into play. Remind the people of what they stand to lose, not only what they stand to get. Just be truly genuine and don’t abuse this concept, because it can backfire on you in a flash.

5. Liking
We’re more likely to talk and interact when we feel safe. Safety means trust, and that’s the cornerstone of great marketing communication! People are more likely to connect on a personal level with you once they get to like you. Focus heavily on networking and show some interest and appreciation of those you want to include in your community.

6. Consensus
If you have social proof that your business is what it claims it is, that’s fantastic! Customers will then feel more secure about doing business with you. We often choose the path of the herd and are influenced by our friends before we make a decision. That’s what makes online customer reviews so persuasive and crucial Gather customer feedback and share it – case studies, testimonials, end-user reviews, and expert proof.

Always check your practices and language against these communication strategies. It’s just they are that universal and adaptable to every form of communication out there! And they’ll definitely help you convert more leads into buyers and build a brand image that’s respectable and trusted.
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