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8 Step Checklist on How to Get More Engagement on Social Media

By Elena Herweyer | Jul 01 2024

How can you get more engagement on social media posts than just sharing them?
Here is a checklist on what to post on social media for business and how to improve your social media content with better copy, images, and mentions. When you add these elements to your posts, it will increase engagement in everything you share.
1. Headline is the key
The headline is the first thing people see on most social media platforms, and if done right, it can instantly grab attention and maximize click-through rates.
Here are some tactics to make it work:

1. Promise a specific benefit
For example: How You Can Trigger Donations for Non-Profit
2. Create urgency
3 Ways to Implement AI in Your Touristic Business Before Your Competition Does
3. Ask a question
How Does Reviews Affect Search Engine Rankings?
4. Trigger emotion
6 Secrets Your Financial Advisor Will Never Tell You
5. Use numbers
How to Increase Your Sales by 100% within the next 90 days

Give another reason for clicking on the post in a second. The second headline gives people a better idea of ​​what we're talking about.

The subtitle is a second chance to grab attention and engage. According to research, the most popular posts on Facebook are, on average, 10-12 words long. This gives you plenty of space to write two headlines that will grab attention.


3. Line breaks
Use line breaks in your social post as it is a good way to make your content stand out. Line breaks draw attention to a post on a social network and make it easier to read in the social feed.
4. Use emojis
Special characters and emojis that reflect emotions help your post stand out. For example:

→ A pointing finger is an easy way to draw attention to a link in your social post
✔ Adding a checkmark shows that something is actionable
★ Using a star can highlight something important

Just don't overdo it, and make sure your characters match your brand's voice and tone.
5. Hashtags
Hashtags help increase the visibility of your social media posts, especially hashtags for trending topics. They are clickable keywords or topics such as #businesstips, #flowershop or #Toronto. When someone clicks a hashtag in any post, they’ll see all the posts with that hashtag. Use hashtags only if you think your content is more click-worthy than the other content on that hashtag on the network. If someone is looking at your post and clicks the hashtag instead of the link to your content, you lose the lead.
Quotes are a powerful tool on social media, especially when they come from a renowned expert. If there is an interesting passage in the article, use it as text in a social media post. These can be educational or inspirational quotes. Anything that will help the post stand out.
7. Images are Critical
More visually appealing social media posts have been proven to receive more shares, engagement, and clicks than other social media content. Social media is visual, especially Instagram!

Use images from your website, charts, or stock photos. Images with faces, unusual shots, children and pets instantly attract attention. When the title is included in the image itself, it is much more likely to be read. Create new images for social media posts that include a featured image and a memorable caption.

Make it even more powerful!

Make short videos on social media describing the article. In fact, you can do this in seconds using Facebook and LinkedIn's built-in video features.

Don't just write an article and share it. Create a short video in which you explain the article. This will help you stay one step ahead of your competitors and drive more traffic to your posts.
8. Mention Others
This is a very powerful social media tactic. It's part networking, part promotion and part gratitude. Mentioning or “tagging” someone using @ is very easy and is very important for social media to get engagement.

It would be ideal to mention people who are active on that network and can interact with the content because they will see the notification and will be happy to be mentioned. They can even share your post with a simple click.

Who should I mention?

Mention the authors or anyone else who helped create the article. It lets them know he's live, but it's also a good way of saying thank you. Social media mentions are an important part of collaborative content marketing. This is also a way to bring your article to the attention of new people who might like it.
You can mention when sharing on social media:
1. Anyone cited or quoted in the article
2. Authors
3. Anyone who is interested in the topic of the article
This type of targeted sharing involves finding and mentioning people who might like the article. But don't do it poorly, or you'll look like a spammer. Do it well, and they'll be glad you brought it to their attention.

Most social media posts receive little to no attention, while a small percentage are extremely popular. Even a little more effort can move you much further up the performance curve. This tactic works for all social networks and all types of content, and it will work for your business. It is one way to compete with big brands.

It may take five minutes or more to update the message in this manner. But the results will inspire you to work a little harder on your social media posts. The results of your business growth and brand awareness are worth the effort!
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