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Create Marketing Ideas for Big Profits on a Small Budget

By Elena Herweyer | Dec 15 2021

A small budget should not limit the creativity of your marketing ideas for business.

On the contrary, guerrilla marketing* strategies can offer ample creativity to the most meagre of budgets. These strategies have a surprise or memorable element, which increases the curiosity of the customer and thereby offers the potential of getting free publicity through word of mouth or media engagement. The aim of guerrilla marketing is to do something fun, non-traditional and memorable.

To start, get on the social media bandwagon. Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, LinkedIn, Reddit and Pinterest are some sites where presence is important to start the buzz about your business. Regular updates and engagement with common interest groups and connections can help bring your business into the limelight. Graffiti, stickers, and videos work well when used in places with high visibility.

Adidas ran a campaign where small plastic blue ducks were “lost,” and finders would get goodies upon returning the ducks to the store. Guinness beer uses the strategy of placing small stickers on pool cues in bars, thereby urging pool players to get a drink. Axe body products created stickers for women “chasing” a man and displayed the stickers on “Exit” signs at the exit areas in public places. Ikea developed staircase drawers to reinforce their concept of space-saving furniture. Stairs, benches, sidewalks, street corners, daily use items, vehicles, and walls can become the perfect place to present your logo, stickers or publicity material. You just need to be creative and make the most out of what is available.

Nowadays, viral videos can catapult anyone to instant fame. You can shoot your own video and upload it to YouTube and other video-sharing sites. Create a buzz around your video while using the right meta tags, and you have a winner. A professional creative company can make this entire process easier. You just need to explain that you want a low-cost guerrilla marketing strategy. Most companies offer competitive rates, as they also stand to benefit if the campaign is a hit.

Simple free items like fridge magnets, T-shirts and pens can sport an outstanding creative idea when they include your company logo and a catchphrase. Business cards can be made interesting by using colours and creative layouts.

If you can, sponsor a local community event and add a small competition to get people involved. The buzz will last a long time, and if the event is popular enough, it might get featured on media — giving you free airtime and publicity. Co-branding with another known brand can also help to get your brand noticed. Sometimes offering an item that people would want in a raffle or other contest can work like a charm in getting data that would help build your mailing list.

Guerrilla marketing has some risk and shock value attached, which in the long run can pay off if the campaign is well thought out and executed. Contact a professional brand marketing company to discuss the potential of guerrilla marketing for your business.

Guerrilla marketing is an advertisement strategy concept designed for small businesses to promote their products or services in an unconventional way with little budget to spend. This involves high energy and imagination focusing on grasping the attention of the public in a more personal and memorable level. The main point of guerrilla marketing is that the activities are done exclusively on the streets or other public places, such as shopping centres, parks or beaches with maximum people access so as to attract much audience.

Unlike typical public marketing campaigns that utilize billboards, guerrilla marketing involves the application of multiple techniques and practices in order to establish direct contact with the customers. One of the goals of this interaction is to cause an emotional reaction in the clients and the final goal of marketing is to get people to remember brands in a different way than they are used to.
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