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Why You Need a Landing Page

By Elena Herweyer | Feb 22 2022

The landing page is the site where the visitor lands when he/she clicks on a search engine link or an ad/email link. Consider every visitor to your site as a potential lead/customer/sale. The landing page is not to be confused with the home page. Depending on your business, your landing page could be designed to just capture information about the enquirer or to entice them to subscribe to a service or to a financial commitment.

Landing pages are an important tool in brand marketing. They encourage visitors to take action and complete their desired goal. Targeted landing pages help to segment and nurture your leads. Not only do landing pages help capture fresh leads, but they also give a snapshot of repeat customers and the manner in which they reconnect with your brand. This will help you to design specific/customized advertising campaigns or offers to your customers. Search engine-optimized landing pages have the potential to increase your ranking by becoming more relevant to search engines. Landing pages can be shared on social media, used as destinations for Pay-Per-Click advertising or email offers to create hype about any “coming soon” product and to also segment your audience and offers. Basically, your landing page helps create a relevant experience for the targeted visitor. Therefore, using different, multiple landing pages for incoming traffic from various sources may well convert into many more leads. Tracking the metrics and analyzing the data obtained from the hits on your landing page, help measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategies and provide a snapshot of your market performance.

Many online tools are available that help in setting up different landing pages. To maximize your offerings, it is worthwhile to hire a professional marketing agency to create your landing pages/campaigns. An agency can help create focused landing pages with appropriate images and relevant information or co-branding. The results will be a guaranteed increase in your conversion rates, eventually leading to reduced advertising costs. To set up customized landing pages based on campaigns is easier and less costly than making changes to the code on your homepage/site each time you want to launch a new campaign/offer/product.

The graphic design of the landing page should be simple and clutter-free. The aim is to keep the visitor focused on completing a business goal. The page should convey your marketing message through very few words, headlines and brand identity design. The call to action button needs to be clear, specific and placed conveniently. A security seal helps ease any doubts about privacy or fraud.

Landing pages have gained significance and they positively impact your ROI. They are an integral part of modern-day online business, brand development, and marketing. As online marketplaces and social media evolve, marketing strategies also take new forms. To be competitive, it is important to use all of the tools at your disposal to capture your leads and convert them into business transactions. Landing pages help keep “alive” and provide a “dynamic hosting space” for all your offers and can be changed according to the marketing strategy and advertising campaign. If you need help to create a landing page that will work for your business goals, contact us at info@art-fresh.ca. We will be happy to help you!
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