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The Best Way to Use Influencers to Promote Your Brand

By Art Fresh | Sep 20 2021

There is a pressing question for up-and-coming brands and events, how do you rise above the global din? Most genres, niches, and industries are saturated with ideas and marketing campaigns. There are so many platforms to choose from, it can seem impossible to know where to start. Chances are, you have not considered using a key industry influencer to help with your promotion or if you have, you are not entirely sure how to use them best.
It’s ok, there are 4 key steps to take when making this kind of decision. If you get them to write, the blogger, vlogger, or social media darling of your choice will open your brand or event up to tens of millions of followers.

So how do you achieve these 4 steps, well, the first one is to know yourself and to do your research. In order to find the right influencer you need to know what niche you are in, your size, scope, budget, and what you want to achieve. Armed with these metrics, you will be better able to go out there and research key influencers in your field.
Naturally, this is not the end of the deal. Assuming the influencer(s) you have contacted are of a good size in relation to your brand's size and they are on board, you need to compensate them well to keep the relationship smooth. This may include travel costs and so on if they are travelling to your event or sending merchandise their way to help them promote it. Finally, you should let them be themselves, they know what they are doing. Want to know more? You can read an in-depth version including all 4 ways to utilize influencers here.
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