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What is the secret of successful marketing?

By Art Fresh | Oct 28 2021
Before you do any marketing of your products or services, ask yourselves the three essential questions that your prospective clients usually have in mind:

1. I’m really busy and I don’t want to see or hear sales messages again. Why should I read or listen to you?

2. Everyone promises an outstanding service. What do you offer that is different from the rest in order for me to risk buying from you?

3. I don’t know you. I’ve never done business with you. Why should I trust you?

If you want to succeed in marketing your brand communication must answer those questions fully and clearly. This way you will capture attention, create a compelling message and build the trust required for your marketing to succeed.

To not respond properly to one of these concerns will result in less than desired results. That’s why it is critical to be as strong as possible in all three areas to make your marketing work for you.

Now you are ready to start. Here is your road map:

1) Create your advertising with messages that will capture attention. Then measure your response rates. Did too few people open your emails, read your newsletters, respond to your advertising etc.? Think about when you were a client and wanted to buy something, what made YOU curious to open their newsletter? What motivated YOU to read the advertisement to the end? This will give you insights that you can use for your marketing.

2) Creating a compelling message is not an easy task and it requires special skills and experience to develop. The best way would be to get expert help with this from a proven professional as the marketing message is critically important to communicate your unique selling proposition in a short and engaging manner.

3) The goal of your marketing is to build trust, so make sure your messages and style of brand communication do it.

Digital communications have opened up a world of opportunity, but to benefit from this fantastic opportunity you have to create marketing that your prospective clients will embrace and share. How to do this? Let’s talk next time.

Stay tuned!
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