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What's better for growing your business: focusing on sales whenever you talk to customers or taking care of their goals?

By Elena Herweyer | May 12 2023

A few years ago, we met with a local client excited about a new business opportunity to enter the US market with his new product. The product was unique, and there seemed to be no direct competition. Our client was inspired by the huge market opportunity and asked us for marketing support and brand strategy for a new product launch.

After briefly reviewing our client's business plans, we noticed a few things to look out for. We brought these potential risks to our client's attention and recommended that he be investigated more before investing in a new product launch in the USA. The client didn't take our advice enthusiastically because his business idea seemed promising!

A few weeks later, our client called us and said: “I am very grateful you brought this to my attention. Upon further market research, I realized that the potential risk you described was much greater than I thought. I am very grateful that you warned me at the beginning, as it helped me not to lose thousands of dollars.”

This was probably the best review from our customers that we have ever heard!

Two years later, this client called us and said he still remembers the time we helped him avoid a costly mistake, and he was happy to recommend Art Fresh to a good friend of his who needed marketing support for the trade business. Thus, we got a great new client who came to us confident that we were the best fit for him to achieve his ambitious business goals.

He trusted us.

This case is an excellent example of the enormous benefits of being honest with your customers and not trying to sell your product or services in any way but focusing on the customer's goals to see if your product or services are the best solutions for them.

If you genuinely care about your customer's interests and goals, even if you can't close the deal, it will pay off handsomely as it becomes your best marketing strategy to build a strong brand for your business in the marketplace.

And this is the best basis for developing a long-term relationship of trust with your customers.
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