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Why should people buy from you? (Or, why brand strategy is important!)

By Elena Herweyer | Jun 02 2024

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

– Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Without a brand strategy, a business is more likely to misunderstand its target market’s needs and fail to effectively communicate the benefits of its high quality products to an audience. Consequently, you won’t be able to set prices with higher margins necessary for sustainable growth. This is a common mistake made by both start-ups and established businesses.

Creating a strong brand promise that is reflected in your products or services is critical for business growth. You need to answer the key question: “Why should people buy from me instead of my competitor?” The answer will help you develop a compelling marketing strategy and communication plan to grow your business.
Unlock Your Growth Potential: Crafting an Effective Brand Strategy for Small Businesses
If you are in the start-up stage of your business, begin by creating a valuable brand benefit for your target market. Align your products or services accordingly to avoid the risk of offering high-quality products that do not resonate with your market.

When we are passionate about our business or products, we strive for perfection. Often, only then do we think about developing a brand and marketing strategy with the goal of attracting customers. A poor strategy can be costly, as it may require additional investments to adjust or significantly change the products or services to meet consumer needs.

To avoid this costly mistake, start by creating a brand promise and then develop the products to ensure they fulfill that promise. This approach allows you to focus on market research, discovering what is valuable to consumers, and identifying the biggest problem your products or services can solve. With this knowledge, you can create a powerful brand promise and provide a solution that meets market needs, delivering on the promise through your products, services, and the all-important customer experience.

Now, let's explore what a brand actually means.
Brand Strategy -vs- Marketing Strategy
A brand is more than a company name, logo, colour, and mission statement. These are just first-level elements of a brand. What is often overlooked is consumers' fundamental role in shaping a brand's identity.

It’s important to remember that business is about people. And a brand reflects how people feel about your business and what they think about your products or services. A brand is built on trust, reputation, and unique values ​​that are conveyed to an audience. The brand lives in people's minds. This helps build long-term customer relationships and develop emotional connections that directly influence sales and business growth.

A brand is not stagnant. It is constantly evolving to meet changing needs.

Focus on developing long-term brand strategies that foster trust and emotional connections through personalized messaging, community-building efforts, and authentic storytelling that reflects the values ​​and aspirations of the target audience.

Your job as a business builder is to consider how a brand can leverage its relationship with your target audience to create maximum value and strong meaning in their lives. This approach ensures that you create a powerful marketing strategy for sustainable business growth in today's rapidly changing marketplace.
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