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Why your website design MUST look good

By Elena Herweyer | Feb 08 2022

Does your website reflect your brand image?
Do you know how is important to create a unique brand identity to be competitive in the market? Your branding is the combined effect of all the visual elements in your marketing strategy. From your website, brochure design to your business card to a professional invoice, everything is responsible for creating an effective brand identity.

To have a great website design that reflects your brand and has an inviting interface is extremely important for your business. Does your website captivate your audience? Does it reflect your brand strategy and send the right message? Is it easy to navigate? Does it look professional? All of these questions are answered and reflected in your website development. On average, you only have a few seconds to capture a customer’s interest, so you had better make those few seconds count!

Your website should act as your #1 salesperson that works all day and all hours round without breaks. It is there for you all the time reflecting your brand image and telling the world who you are. Investing in beautiful website design is like investing in a perfect mirror that will accurately convey what you wish the world to see you, and your business. Great design is the easiest way to achieve these goals and to increase your business sales.

Is it easy for your potential clients to do business with you?
A function is a form. The usability of your website combined with a beautiful interface, clear navigation makes it easy for your potential customers to do business with you. One of the most common mistakes that small businesses make with their website's design is that they do not make it easy for people to navigate and do business with them. If the moment a prospect gets frustrated, unfortunately, they are lost. You don’t want this!

The homepage of your website is your brand image and invitation to communication. It’s very important that your website’s homepage be easy to navigate and contain the most important aspects of your products / or services in an easy-to-digest form. This is especially critical when offering a local service with stiff competition. There must be a logical flow to your website, and if you plan on having many subpages, proper organization is essential. And often, having an objective third party involved to help organize is a great asset.

A successful small business website design Formula.

Great Design + Easy Navigation + SEO Optimization that attracts more search engine traffic and converts that traffic into a high rate = New Customers

Having a great website can help in building your brand, will expand your business and get access to the international market. The implementation and marketing website is what is going to ultimately increase sales and conversions. There are hundreds of considerations that need to be made when designing a website, from what you can see in terms of the layout, to how the user interacts with the website, to how the code is actually being implemented into the website design. Many small business owners try to save a few pennies by designing their website themselves using one of the myriad template-based software solutions, only to find themselves frustrated with dismal results and hundreds of hours sunk in designing a marginal website.

Art Fresh can take care of your marketing needs to provide you with the most effective website design. The professional graphic design process uses state-of-the-art industry tools and revisionary processes which make sure our clients get the website designs that they want. We can build a beautiful, search engine-friendly website that will showcase your products, services, and brand, but will also design it in such a way as to promote compelling ‘calls to action’ and strong customer responses. The standard features that you expect to find with Art Fresh small business website designs are:

– Artistically Engaging
– Easy to Navigate
– Small Business User-Friendly
– Mobile Device Compatible
– Integrated with Social Media

Our expert team of web designers will exceed your expectations by turning your website into one of your most valued sales and marketing tools that will separate your website from your competition following your advertising strategies.

Can a small business website be designed to make money?
It is certainly true that a website should have a great design and look professional. It is equally important that the site performs where it matters most: expanding your business and making you more money! Art Fresh small-business website designs are meticulously crafted to exceed your expectations, with our team of expert web designers. We can create a website that will bring you results. If you need to create for your business a mobile application, we will be happy to do this for you. Recently Art Fresh was named one of the Top Digital Marketing Agencies of 2021 by DESIGNRUSH. Contact us, we have all the marketing tools to help your business expand and grow!
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