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Yes! You CAN grow your business in crisis

By Elena Herweyer | May 24 2021

Closed offices, scary news about new cases of COVID-19 and social isolation — we all know what it is because we all are in the same boat! For how long? Nobody knows, but this forced break can be a great time for entrepreneurs to create new opportunities for business! If you survey the current crisis and identify improved ways to operate and to solve new problems for your audience you will find the opportunities to radically increase your business value to the marketplace based on the landscape ahead. You will then be able to adapt to the new reality and to the new needs of the people you serve.

The reason this opportunity exists is that most business owners won’t do any of that. They’ll wait, they will stop marketing, advertising, they’ll sit tight... They’ll keep doing what they always do and hope things get better before they run out of time, money and/or credit.
Be proactive, take a leadership position, be more creative and you will see the new opportunities that arise for your business! Start with reviewing the range of your services, methods of communication with your clients and client acquisition strategies. Check your marketing messages and advertising. Keep in mind those messages and strategies that worked fine until now may need to be changed according to the new reality. Listen intently to your clients and the marketplace you serve. Life is changing fast and their needs will change. Here is where the opportunities arise! Be prepared to adapt to the new conditions because it isn’t going to be ‘business as usual for some time. Be a leader in your business. You’re in control.

As for the AF team, we are working in the usual mode to help you succeed and grow your business even in such an unstable time. Do you want to discuss opportunities that are opening up at this time for your business or would you like us to audit your business marketing? Drop us a line at info@art-fresh.ca and we will be happy to set up a conference call with you!
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