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Your Brand in the Digital Era: Social Media Marketing and Online Branding for Successful Businesses

By Art Fresh | Feb 28 2022

Branding and positioning in marketing in the digital era is an entirely different dimension. With the number of Internet-savvy customers on the rise, buying trends are changing: people now seek opinions from friends in social networks and obtain reviews of products online. To succeed, all businesses need to stay glued to the buzz and trends in social media marketing.

Most importantly, you need to have a presence on social media to build a brand, reputation — and a repository of positive reviews and feedback about your brand. The more favourable reviews you have, the higher the chance people will read them, or search engines will list your brand at the top of their search pages. Engaging your customers actively and directly through social media helps create a community of loyal followers. Involving customers by seeking their comments and opinions also helps you to improve your products or services.

It makes sense to have a social media manager handle your accounts on various networks. You can either hire an individual or let a professional branding agency take care of your networks by creating a brand strategy. Your accounts need to be up to date with regular interactions with your followers and members. Care should be taken to reply responsibly and relevantly to queries or complaints. Avoid carelessness or delayed responses, as they reflect poorly on your company, and social media can be merciless when posts go viral. Build a community atmosphere on your pages, website, and blogs. This makes it easier to create a buzz for your business, which in turn helps drive sales and leads.

Social media marketing is a formidable tool that can catapult your business into a much higher league. A single hit campaign can generate scores of likes, shares, and fans overnight. When people like and share your content, you not only capture their attention, you capture the attention of their followers.

Patience plays an equally important role in social media management, as it can take a long time to build an online presence and credibility for the brand. A business with a solid brand image and a strong understanding of customers will never fail to hit the mark. Connect with your customers and maintain a healthy relationship with them. Over time, these relationships pay off.

Social media marketing increases your points of contact with customers the same as other digital marketing platforms and helps herald your business into the digital era. Using all digital marketing tools will help you create an interactive and meaningful conversation with your audience that will lead to business growth. The Art Fresh team provides social media management and is experienced in creating effective digital marketing platforms such as websites, landing pages, apps that will effectively represent your business and engage your prospects. Recently Art Fresh was chosen in the Top Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Companies and was named as one of the Top Creative Marketing Companies by DESIGNRUSH.

In the future, social media may become the most important and potentially most effective point of contact in your brand advertising. So it is very important to establish yourself on all kinds of social media, no matter how small or big your business might be.
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