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Content Marketing

Add Value to Your Company: Build Strong Brand Image.

By Elena Herweyer | Dec 07 2021

How to Build a Strong Brand? What is a Strong Brand? A brand exists in the mind of the consumer and it’s a powerful influencing tool. A brand is a combination of images and ideas that embody your product, service, or business.


7 Tips for Effective Communication with Customers

By Art Fresh | Sep 27 2021

Do you have a branding and communication strategy in place? How effective is it in bridging the gap between you and your target audience, increasing customer satisfaction, and improving your brand name? Effective communication with customers is at the heart of customer satisfaction.


Two Actionable Steps for Making Your Social Media Stand Out Amid COVID-19

By Emma Sloan | Mar 03 2021

Social media: since COVID-19 began, everyone and their grandma and grandpa have been on it! Has that uptick in activity translated to increased online sales for some industries? Absolutely!


An Insightful Marketing Lesson Learned from a Park Bench

By Michela Quilici | Jan 19 2021

I met up with my friend and colleague Pauline recently. I hadn’t reconnected with her in a while, so we decided to meet up for a long-overdue catch-up.

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