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Generating Leads With Online Marketing

By Art Fresh | Jan 06 2024

Online marketing has become an essential part of generating leads for any business, as the number of internet users is upwards of 2.5 billion people. Imagine the potential of this market and what it can do for your business.


8 Things Your Website Designer Will Never Tell You

By Elena Herweyer | Dec 19 2023

You’ve probably invested several thousands of dollars in developing a clean and shiny new website for your business. The goal? To build trust and receive more calls from potential clients. Yet you suddenly realize that your website isn’t bringing you more clients.


Company Website Design Secrets to Captivate Your Audience

By Art Fresh | Feb 28 2022

When visitors visit you on your social media account or your website for the first time, the question is if they will be compelled to stay and have a look around or hit that back button. Your visitors’ eyes do most of the deciding, so you need to give them a visually captivating and effortless experience to capture their attention.


Top Digital Marketing Tips to Build Brand Awareness for Your Start-up Business

By Art Fresh | Feb 24 2022

The user experience is one of your top priorities. And when you realize that mobile internet usage has surpassed desktop usage, you recognize that being mobile-ready is no longer a luxury but fundamental for any online presence. If you haven't felt the need for mobile optimization, you should know that your competition is probably already way ahead of you.


Why your website design MUST look good

By Elena Herweyer | Feb 08 2022

Does your website reflect your brand image? Do you know how is important to create a unique brand identity to be competitive in the market? Your branding is the combined effect of all the visual elements in your marketing strategy.


ART FRESH Scores Perfect 5 Star Ratings Across the Board on Latest Clutch Review

By Art Fresh | Dec 08 2021

Big companies and large corporations spend millions and billions of dollars on their branding. For them, building their brand and maintaining it is one of the most crucial aspects of their business. You don’t always have to spend a similar amount of money in order to become successful with your branding efforts.


The Right Web Design Facilitates a Brand Identity

By Art Fresh | Oct 02 2021

In a digital world, a persuasive online presence is a key to success. A uniquely created brand identity, appearing consistently and professionally across traditional and online touchpoints, can generate a boost in sales and profit margins.

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