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Naming is a result of deep analysis and research

The brand name is the first and very important step in your brand development. Choosing the right brand name is key to a successful growth strategy. This “brand identity” will be familiar to consumers before the details of the product or services that are behind the name are known. The logo design and visual identity of the company or product/service may be easily changed, however, this is not the case for the name. Even if your brand is your own creation, it is best to entrust its naming to experts.

We at Art Fresh begin with a comprehensive market analysis of the competitive landscape to create your own brand. This allows us to identify the optimal strategy to allow your brand name to stand out among the names that are already known to consumers. We like powerful names that will create an emotional connection with potential clients. Such names will be easily memorized. We strongly don’t recommend our clients an attributive naming when a brand’s name describes the product. This won’t help your brand build an emotional connection with the audience, this won’t add value to the brand. Naming is a very important branding tool like graphic design or marketing communication.
The client: A.B.L.E. Naming Branding
We review your product, company philosophy, brand positioning, strategy, and messaging to consumers to create a right name that will help your brand stand out. Only upon completion of this review can we tackle the task of naming the new brand. Our ultimate goal is to concisely express the essence of your brand. An effective name will be intriguing, easy to remember, identifiable, and evoke a sense of pride for consumers. We will propose several names that we believe will positively reflect the company and product/service and synergies with the brand positioning strategy. The brand name that you choose will then be subjected to a number of legal and marketing filters. Once we determine that the name is available for use and that the corresponding domain is available for registration, we offer our assistance in registering your trademark under this name.

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The client: MacNeill’s Tuna
& Deep sea Fishing
Naming Branding Web design
Our client, MacNeill’s PEI Tuna and Deep Sea Fishing, approached us with the idea of building a brand from scratch for PEI Tuna Charters to promote his company in the local market to attract new clients in order take his business to a newer level.

Captain Jeff MacNeill is one of North Lake's most colourful characters and is a certified Big Game Charter fisherman. With over 35 years of experience, he is one of the most accomplished PEI Bluefin fisherman you will find. Based analysis of the business and marketing research, we suggested developing a personal branding for Jeff MacNeill. This would provide a strong emotional connection with potential clients, which would, in turn, build trust and create brand awareness more effectively in the local market.
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The client: Charming Silk Naming Branding
We received a request from a Chinese boutique to help them create their own brand and marketing communication. The boutique specializes in exclusive natural silk accessories from China, the capital of silk and premium silk accessories for men and women. We suggested the brand name “Charming Silk” to create a connection with the product and consistency with the fashionable boutique’s brand image and visual identity design.
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