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How to build a brand
that will get thousands
of fans and sell at any price point.

A brand is not a logo. This is the core value, the key idea and the reason
why your company exists and what it stands for!

A' Award Jury Member
at A' Design Award &
Competition 2018, 2019 (Italy)
A' Award Jury Member
at A' Design Award &
Competition 2020, 2021 (Italy)

Your brand creates a reputation for you.

If you want to know the best way to create a powerful brand that will put you on top of your competition, then this will be the most exciting content for you.
Wondering why?

Over the past 20+ years, we have developed more then 400 brands in the North American and European markets across a variety of industries and niches, helping to increase margins and sales for our clients. And win international awards. Listen, when you've built so many brands across different industries, you'll learn a lot about what works and what doesn't. There is no theory that works. Only practice and constant improvement of skills to create selling ideas.
But how do you break through the clamor of millions of other brands and ads screaming for your prospect’s attention?
Here's where brand design comes to the game to create brand experience!

If you get the powerful, human, outstanding, or innovative idea why your business was created this will be a Rock-Strong point to develop a unique brand and modern design concept to make your product stand out in the market. Your packaging will be the “sales person” for your product. Because the outstanding design and unusual ads will help you save on marketing and sales to grab attention of YOUR customers. And, a brand will motivate your employees and unite them in one powerful idea.
We‘ve used this proven strategy to grow businesses in various industries, and now, we’re truly making an offer which would be difficult for any sensible business builder to refuse to try out risk-free!


Summerside Xchange: Branding, web design

Summerside Xchange is the most unique startup accelerator program Prince Edward Island, Canada has ever known. The program helps international startups find the best resources North America has to offer in terms of both establishing and scaling their companies. Summerside Xchange provides real-life testing and experimentation opportunities for startups to ensure that they are 100% prepared and successful in their future funds-securing efforts.


IMC company: Rebranding, web design

In 2017, IMC — one of the top-10 agricultural companies in Ukraine, marked its 10th anniversary. To celebrate, the company embarked on a rebranding process to reflect a new vision: to become the leading agricultural company in the world for investors, employees, clients and the community. The rebranding had to reflect the company’s innovation and new brand strategy while incorporating its updated name: IMC Innovations + Management + Commitment.


PEI Network: Branding, video, web design

The PEI NETWORK program of Greater Charlottetown Area Chamber of Commerce was created to connect a Connector (a business leader) and a Connectee (a new graduate) where the Connector must introduce the Connectee to three colleagues that will help to build a professional network. This informal business program aims to assist with developing a friendly and stress-free environment for communication and to encourage people to join and realize all the benefits from meeting new people who work in the same area of expertise.

We can go on and on showing you our other projects, but that's enough for now.
Let’s talk more specifically how to take your brand and turn it into a popular culture icon...

when it comes to branding it’s all about emotional connection and... battle

You focus on creating a beautiful logo and website. This is wrong, seriously. Instead, focus on a strong idea to indicate the values of your business. Answer WHY people have to buy from you.

Think again.

There is a real battle for the attention of consumers and your brand needs to be a powerful magnet in order not to get lost.
What most people don’t realize is if you get your audience desires and psychology wrong, you can’t create right visuals and messages.
But, if you follow these steps and then create a simple and expressive graphic image to communicate the business idea that appeals to your audience you will make a strong emotional connection with your customer.

Otherwise, you will be one of the faceless brands that look the same and compete with the lowest price... You will simply be “another company” with dull “standard” branding. Remember, your brand has to compete with millions of other brands sweeping the market... It is a wild, wild war there for attention!
This is how we change the game by creating powerful and unique brand identity that rewards business with superiority over competitors.

Sales not based on price.

Unique buying experience.

More people that love your product.

Fast business growth.

And higher MARGIN.

And this is working with excellent success for any product or service. Selling at higher price. And in any industry.

to beat your competition
with a guaranteed
powerful brand design

Yes, you got it right. We guarantee you results and put it in writing as we know that we can create a remarkable brand identity for your company or product to help you stand out from your competitors and get an emotional connection with your audience or we won't get paid.

Absolutely no risk to you!

If you would like to do rebranding or you want to launch a new product with the guaranteed way to get a strong brand identity to build consumer trust and recognition in the marketplace...

Then this will be the most exciting opportunity for you to radically change brand image and increase the number of people who become fans and ambassadors of your brand. This is a service we have performed for hundreds of clients.

Do you want to be one of them?
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