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During this global COVID-19 pandemic crisis when companies have laid off thousands of people because of significantly lower revenue and when small businesses are struggling to survive, we at Art Fresh believe that if you are agile, act smart, react fast in this uncertain time, and are a leader, you will be able to use the crisis to improve your business. To respond to the times and help business owners in the battles with the economic crisis, we're offering professional Business Growth Coaching and Consulting to those who want to secure and grow their business in these uncertain times.

Artem Podgorniy, Business Growth Coach and Consultant, has helped more than 2,000 business owners worldwide over a period of 17 years to achieve their best ever results. And now we are offering you the same opportunity. Having vast experience in risk management and building businesses from start-up to fast-growing corporations, Artem will help you adapt your products or services to the new market reality.

How we will work with you


You outline your business
goals and we agreed on the
work plan and timeline


Our professional coach will
work with you on achiving
the desired results


Your goal!

The 3 Stages of Business Growth that we can support you with:
Start-Up Our Start-Up package will help you deeper understand your business niche to create a strong brand, VISIBILITY and credibility for your new product or service.

We can help you develop a practical business plan, financial model, commercial offer templates, and form assortment. You will develop the ability to determine the pricing system and form the basic KPI. We’ll create a promotion plan and develop communication scripts that give you exposure through direct outreach, networking, strategic partnerships or referral campaigns.

Ramp-Up If you want to improve your business profitability and cash flow our Ramp-Up package is what you need!

We will conduct an audit of your business model, brand, marketing and sales process to refine it for turning leads and inquiries into sales. Based on the business objectives, we will create a financial model to determine the growth points to increase conversions and enrollment into your products and services. You will have new packaging and pricing for your product or service offer to attract your ideal customer more actively.

Scale-Up At this stage, your main focus is on creating SYSTEMS and STRUCTURE and SUSTAINABILITY for your company.

Our Scale-Up package will help you increase your productivity and efficiency within your organization and position your business for the next level of growth. We will do this by reviewing and refining your business model, brand, marketing and communication channels, sales and operational systems, workflow or processes, for more leveraged and strategic growth. You will receive a solid plan of action aimed at improving the profitability of your business for further scaling of the business model.

now to learn more about how our Business Development Coaching Packages can help your business growth!

Your Personal Business Coach

First of all, our Business Growth Coach will help you better understand your current business position to see new market opportunities, set up business objectives and create a practical to-do plan on how to achieve the desired results. Artem can help you create a business plan with a financial model, form assortment by groups (for retail), determine a pricing system and resulting prices. You will receive an experienced business development coach and reliable partner on your team who will work with you to determine KPIs of your business, growth points for profitability and for scaling your business. Part of the power of business development coaching and consulting on a regular basis is the resulting focus and accountability to take regular action, hands-on tactical support, and the guidance to course correct. It’s an apprenticeship model, which is the most successful model out there that leads to results. With our support, you will generate better results from your marketing efforts when they are connected to a sales process with guided support from an expert. This is an engagement that requires commitment and consistent action on the part of your organization in order for you to achieve maximum results faster than usual. From the day we start working together we will determine the details of the business coaching work plan and will customize it to your organization’s needs, marketing strategy, and business growth objectives. It is a fantastic opportunity for you to get the results you deserve!

The main result of our coaching is the transformation of your mindset in conducting business, which ultimately results in achieving your goal.

For the cardinally QUALITATIVE results, cardinally more QUALITATIVE thinking is needed!

Business Growth Coaching and Consulting is also a value-added service for clients who have already developed a Brand Strategy and Marketing Plan. It provides a bridge between your marketing activities and your sales results. In order to generate leads and conversions from your target market, Artem will help you build your marketing-to-sales funnel and support you through hands-on coaching and consulting guidance and tools for your in-house team of marketing, sales and business development professionals to drive results from marketing efforts in order to increase sales and profitability. This business development coaching combines proven, practical and strategic business growth strategies and tactical support with strong business guidance, skills and mindset training to accelerate personal and organizational growth. Imagine how you will feel having an experienced Business Growth Consultant on board working with you so that you will be able to plan your business future with clarity and confidence, knowing you are doing the right things, and doing them correctly.

If you have been looking for the perfect opportunity to grow your business this is the right time and you are in the right place. Don't delay, to learn more about how we can help you grow your business!

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