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Business Growth Coaching and Consulting is a value-added service for clients who have already developed a Brand Strategy and Marketing Plan. It provides a bridge between your marketing activities and your sales results. In order to generate leads and conversions from your target market, we will build your marketing-to-sales funnel, and support you through hands-on coaching and consulting guidance and tools for your in-house team of marketing, sales and business development professionals to drive results from marketing efforts, in order to increase sales and profitability. This service combines proven, practical and strategic business growth strategies and tactical support, with strong business guidance, skills and mindset training to accelerate personal and organizational growth.

How we will work with you


You outline your business
goals and we agreed on the
work plan and timeline


Our professional coach will
work with you on achiving
the desired results


Your goal!

What you need as an individual, as a business owner, is different from what someone else might need. Our work is structured to be what you need now, to move your business forward. You can think about Virtual Private Workshops as quick sprints to a particular outcome or goal. We’ll plan one (or more) private, 1-on-1 “deep dive” sessions, to work towards your goal and set up a plan of action, as quickly as possible. The number and duration of the virtual workshop sessions will be entirely based on the client’s needs and the specific outcome we’re working towards.

The 3 Stages of Business Growth that we can support you with:
Start-Up At this stage, your main focus is on creating VISIBILITY and CREDIBILITY for your company and your services.

Our “GET NOTICED” start-up package will help you create visibility and credibility for your new product or service. We will create a promotion plan and develop communication scripts that give you exposure through direct outreach, networking, strategic partnerships or referral campaigns.

Ramp-Up At this stage, your main focus is on creating PROFITABILITY and CASH FLOW for your company to grow faster.

Our “GET CLIENTS” ramp-up package will help you increase your profitability and cash flow. This may include refining your sales process for turning leads and inquiries into sales, perfecting your consultation conversation to increase conversions & enrollment into your product and services, and creating, packaging and pricing your new product or service offering to attract your ideal customer more actively.

Scale-Up At this stage, your main focus is on creating SYSTEMS and STRUCTURE and SUSTAINABILITY for your company.

Our “GET PROFITABLE” scale-up package will help you increase your productivity and efficiency within your organization and position yourself for the next level of growth. We will do this by reviewing and refining your marketing, sales and operational systems, workflow or processes, for more leveraged and strategic growth.

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Your Personal Business Coach

Private business coaching works best as implementation and troubleshooting support after a Virtual Private Workshop. This is offered as monthly support for 3, 6 or 12 months (depending on needs), and includes virtual 1:1 sessions, plus email and hands-on support and access to proven tools, templates and scripts that will save you time and increase your success rate.

It’s difficult to succeed at the outer game of business, without working on your inner game of self-leadership, salesmanship and business development acumen. Your success is dependent on doing both. Part of the power of private one-on-one coaching and consulting on a bi-monthly basis is the focus and accountability to take regular action, hands-on tactical support, and the guidance to course correct. It’s an apprenticeship model, which is the most successful model out there that leads to results. With our support, you will generate better results from your marketing efforts when they are connected to a sales process with guided support from an expert. This is a ‘done-with-you’ engagement that requires commitment and consistent action on the part of the organization, in order for you to achieve maximum results. The details of the coaching work plan will be determined at the start and customized to your organization’s needs, marketing strategy, and business growth objectives.

The main result of our coaching is the transformation of your mindset in conducting business, which ultimately results in achieving your goal.

For the cardinally QUALITATIVE results, cardinally more QUALITATIVE thinking is needed!

During our coaching sessions and communication via email, we will analyze your actions and adjust progress. You will receive support and advice from Michela Quilici, professional Business Growth Coach and Marketing Strategist, who has tremendous experience working with various sizes of businesses over 17 years. And also you will get the shortest ways to solve your problems, which will meet on the way to your goals.

Michela will guide you to the goal and will be near the entire business growth coaching period. The main task of our coaching is to take care of your challenges, navigate you through the marketing actions, correct the path, guide and motivate. We can guarantee that by following our guidelines and completing assignments you will completely change your thinking that didn’t help you to make the desired progress and improve your business thinking and marketing management skills. To reach the goal, it depends on you.

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