Creative Design

Bill Martin the business trainer and successful businessman with big experience developed methodology for the learning sessions and master classes for entrepreneurs who wants to start own business. His many years of experience combined with passion in permanent growing of business and helping people brought to the idea of creating own business trainings on the permanent base.


Had to be created a brand name, logo design and full brand identity for the business trainer. The branding should reflect the main idea of the school and inspire students to the active learning. The style should be modern and simple in the branding.    


We developed the brand name A.B.L.E. that has a full form Active Business Learning Efforts. The logo design has a jumping man who wants to catch the star. With this key image we wanted to reflect the idea that you are able to get success when you will learn and be active in using of new knowledge. The bright green we chose as a main identification for the style added a feeling of “freshness” and growing to the branding. 


We developed a memorable and meaningful brand name, an eyes catching logo design with full brand identity that reflect the business essence in the modern and attractive style.
Art Fresh is a creative and high efficiency company.
It helped us to rebrand our restaurant.
Helen Ou
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