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The Cheese Club Corporation produces and exports cheese, dry milk, and butter products internationally. The company offers skimmed and cream milk powders, and hard rennet cheese products. The company offers its products for producers of ice-cream and wholesale companies in Japan, the Netherlands, Syria, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Algeria, Bulgaria, and the Russian Federation. The Cheese Club was founded in 2003 and is based in Kyiv, Ukraine.


To develop a logo design and brand identity for all promotional material of The Cheese Club Corporation. The corporate style had to reflect premium quality traditional dairy products that produce by modern Ukrainian company with using new technologies in the cheese production industry.


We created the brand identity for the company presentation in the Ukrainian and International markets. For the corporate calendar we did 5 illustrations in the style of European painting of the 15th century to represent four European countries France, Holland, Switzerland and Ukraine that have own unique old traditions to make cheese.

Also, we developed a series of packaging designs for premium cheeses.


The Cheese Club corporation received an attractive and modern brand identity for all marketing materials from the logo design, own documents to creative packaging and outdoor advertising. Developed branding helped the business in a short time became a leader in the highly competitive market and continually increase sales in the local and international markets. The several creative packaging designs received recognition at the International advertising festivals.     
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