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Newly-established in Charlottetown in early 2018, Ivy Elegant Home Furniture offers customers unique luxurious solid wood furniture in an elegant brown finish — Yellow Poplar and Oak Veneer — at affordable prices supplied from a family owned factory in Vietnam. All indoor items (beds, dressers, night tables, wardrobes, dining tables, buffet cabinets, bookshelves, working desks, and occasional items for decoration) are available in the downtown store. Being involved in the furniture business for many years, Ivy Elegant Home Furniture Inc. has seen an increasing demand for high-end elegant furniture and understand the necessity to do a re-branding to successfully enter the North American market.


To keep the connection with the original brand identity which uses the heraldic style, we decided to make the IVY Furniture logo appear luxurious and elegant. The key message, namely “Your Elegant Choice”, that we offered the client became a compliment to the logo. The new branding must reflect the top-quality product that which IVY Furniture offers and demonstrate a commitment to the proven traditions of the industry.


The new coat of arms of IVY Furniture sports a Royal design in combination with gold and royal blue tones creating a classy, luxurious, and elegant style. The dark blue colour imitates velvet and adds a feeling of comfort to the branding. The luxurious colour duet became the main element of the IVY Furniture visual style that is used in all marketing materials and interior and outdoor designs. To showcase all series of elegant furniture, we created a catalogue with a full description of all available products. The IVY Furniture catalogue became the key marketing tool to represent the product line in the local and overseas markets. The new outdoor signs help the new store to stand out in downtown Charlottetown and to represent the elegant style of the IVY Furniture. 


IVY Furniture received a unique luxurious style that became the business card of the new Vietnamese company in Prince Edward Island and helped raise the business to a new level. Our consulting services helped the business to review their own marketing strategy to enter the North American market. An appropriate list of the products to be offered to the local customers as well as to the American market was made. In collaboration with the client, we helped the new to Canada business create a strong brand presentation and find its own niche in the local market.   
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Ivy Hoang
Ivy Hoang Owner, IVY Furniture Inc.
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