Prince Edward Distillery

Brand Strategy
Creative Design

Prince Edward Distillery is the producers of Canada’s first and only vodka distilled from potatoes, and they are the makers of Prince Edward Island’s first wild blueberry vodka.
The distillery crafts its artisan-made spirits from the rich harvest of P.E.I. When these choice natural ingredients combine with the art of distilling the Prince Edward Distillery way, the world takes note. Prince Edward Distillery provides those who truly love premium quality spirits with smooth, handcrafted abundance.


To develop branding and three label designs for new spirits of the Prince Edward Distillery: Apple Brandy, I.C.Shore Whiskey and Canadian Rye. The designs had to reflect the high-quality handcrafted product of limited reserve edition.


We created the classical brand identity for the series of the labels with using of the engraving and imitation of the hand stamps. To show the strong connection with the handcrafted whiskey traditions we created a natural look for the designs and we chose the ivory paper with the soft texture for printing the label designs.


The new series of the labels for new artisan-crafted spirits became a hallmark for the unique product of Prince Edward Distillery in the local and Atlantic Canadian markets.
The premium quality spirits and brand identity design replenished the product line with new flavours.
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It helped us to rebrand our restaurant.
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