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Quannessence is a line of natural cosmetics that incorporates cutting-edge peptide technologies for skin remodelling and anti-ageing improvement. The new QTOX Tightening Serum includes high concentrations of active ingredients, providing a topical alternative to Botox. This line rivals, or exceeds, all other advanced skincare lines on the market. Using snake venom technology, Quannessence is able to provide unsurpassed anti-ageing results for clients.


The client needed a powerful image to portray QTOX Tightening Serum as a strong solution for ageing skin and to ensure the new product stood out within the Quannessence cosmetics line. Snake venom, the key ingredient of the serum, had to be represented in a visually attractive way that illustrated the results of using the product.


We created a key image to become the main identification for the QTOX Tightening Serum product. We combined an image of a young lady and a snake in front of an old temple and ruins. The contrast of light and dark, and the objects and symbols created a dramatic branding to represent the exceptional power of the product and the snake venom technology. The new product is like a temptation for the buyer, as the serum includes venom as a prime ingredient and provides a topical alternative to Botox. Our key image conveys both the temptation and effectiveness of the product for QTOX serum identification.    
Art Fresh has provided Quannessence with a unique and exceptional platform to showcase our company through elegant brand awareness.
Sharon Lynn Quann
Sharon Lynn Quann President, Biospa (Quann) Cosmeceuticals Inc.
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