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BioSpa (Quann) Cosmeceuticals Inc. PEI based company focuses on the development and manufacture of an advanced skincare line, Quannessence Skincare. The line is based on medical principles and was developed to address existing industry gaps for a natural based yet effective skincare line designed to be used in medical-aesthetic treatments and home regimens.


The project task was to rebrand TM Quannessence – a natural and professional cosmetic made in PEI. The marketing goal was to develop a classic and premium quality design for the brand, packaging and print marketing materials to position the product as a premium quality natural cosmetic. The refreshed brand has to be represented in the Atlantic and central Canadian (Halifax, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal) marketplaces. The long-term marketing objective was to launch the Quannessence cosmetic in the American market.


We decided to keep "Q" as the main brand identity, as Q represents the surname of Sharon Quann, creator of the cosmetics. The combination of the royal blue with the golden foil represents the premium class and high quality of the Quannessence cosmetics. We developed a brand book with a complete description of standards on how to use the brand identity design.

For the identification of two lines of Quannessence cosmetics (regular and for professional use only), we proposed two colour schemes and the complementary logo design for the professional line. This line features an inversion of the letter "Q" on the golden background.
We created an exclusive and elegant brand identity design for packaging, marketing materials, a display for trade shows, web design and promo posters.


We developed a premium corporate style for the presentation of Quannessence cosmetics in the market and did a full rebranding of visual communications. In the first year after rebranding, sales have doubled for the professional line and the brand has been successfully represented in the central and Atlantic Canadian markets. The company has signed agreements for collaboration with the leading Canadian pharmaceutical supermarket and professional cosmetics store.
Art Fresh has provided Quannessence with a unique and exceptional platform to showcase our company through elegant brand awareness.
Sharon Lynn Quann
Sharon Lynn Quann President, Biospa (Quann) Cosmeceuticals Inc.
PO Box 312 Charlottetown CTL PE, C1A 7K7 Charlottetown +1.902.394.7272