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QuannSpa is a Holistic Beauty Therapy Centre designed as a wellness and healing sanctuary, providing a comprehensive approach to rejuvenate beauty, inside and out, and to replenish what life takes from our body and soul.
The healthy and therapeutic treatments utilize the latest technology in appearance transformation. Energy Therapy applications revitalize your essential being and restore overall health.


The project task was to develop branding for the new concept spa salon that provides holistic beauty therapy based on QuannSpa’s professional, made in PEI cosmetic, “Quannessence”. The marketing goal was to develop a modern, premium quality brand identity design that reflects the combination of comprehensive beauty services along with a relaxing environment for clients. The new concept spa salon aimed to become an attractive club for women at which they can meet with each other and enjoy their time at a fresh juice bar while receiving high-quality professional care from the salon’s estheticians.


The new branding for QuannSpa has referred to the Quannessence brand as the salon’s therapies are based on using this natural cosmetic. The rich colour combination of royal blues and light blues creates a fresh, relaxing image of the new salon. We created an illustration of two faces that emanate the idea of a mandala as a symbol of harmony and balance.

The new brand identity must be easily applied to various promotional materials for positioning and communication with the target audience, as well as being authentic and memorable. The QuannSpa branding through the graphic design concept should represent upscale professional beauty therapy services that will position the salon as a favoured social centre for women seeking excellent beauty care in a relaxing environment after a stressful workday or while on vacation.


We developed a logo design, full brand identity, banners and a brochure design introducing QuannSpa. The corporate style reflects the salon’s new unique and fresh concept. The soft colours and meaningful oriental symbols that were used in the branding represent the professional modern approach of the holistic beauty therapies with the intention of the spa becoming a favoured destination for women seeking relaxation and daily stress healing.
Love love love all that Elena and the Art Fresh team
do to create the perfect image for my business.
Sharon Lynn Quann
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