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RESTGU™ (Restaurant Staff Guide) is a multi-functional platform created to provide a comprehensive guide for new and experienced restaurant owners, managers and staff with the basic tools, tactics and techniques required to run a successful restaurant. These tools help restaurateurs set strategies, refresh knowledge and make their work more enjoyable and professional. The mission of RESTGU™ is to improve the quality of the restaurant business and to become a universal and unique guide for restaurant establishments worldwide.


RESTGU™ is a new solution for the restaurant business that provides online education, a test and certification. We did research and a 360º marketing analysis before developing the brand strategy for positioning of a new product in the market. The research showed a number of potential competitors in the online restaurant training industry. Our challenge was to create a brand positioning, marketing strategy and brand model that would allow RESTGU™ to stand out with its innovative approach in the market of educational products. The two RESTGU™ digital platforms — RESTGU™ Guide and RESTGU™ Life Style — needed to complement each other in providing all necessary tools for convenient and productive learning for achieving the RESTGU™ certification.


Based on market research, we developed a brand positioning strategy that focused on target audiences: restaurant managers/owners and restaurant staff and those who wanted to open their own restaurant. “Your Personal Assistant” and “Your Personal Coach” were the two strategies implemented in the marketing plan to represent RESTGU™ as a comprehensive online educational solution. To give the product a personal touch, we created a corporate hero RESTGU™— a cute robot who became the brand identification and communicator of the marketing messages.  We developed a corporate style that included logo design, a RESTGU™ Identity Design Guide, posters and brochure design, banners, business cards and a full set of RESTGU™ souvenirs, including a RESTGU™ Certificate design. 

We developed, a custom web solution for the RESTGU™ Guide where users can register a free Personal cabinet to read the Guide, complete the RESTGU™ Test and receive the RESTGU™ Certificate. is another custom web platform where restaurateurs can join an international professional network to share their own ideas, recipes, events and experiences. This is a new RESTGU™ social media platform.


The new online educational products — RESTGU™ Guide and RESTGU™ Life Style — received a modern and memorable brand identity design, marketing strategy, social media strategy and two custom websites design for an effective brand building in the local and international markets. Just within the first month, the RESTGU™ Facebook page received 100 followers and the new brand actively started to build its own audience in other social media channels. 
We are very pleased with our new brand identity and the way Art Fresh conducts the business. It has been a great experience working with. Incredibly organized, easy to communicate with, responsive, and carefully evaluated our needs in a very organized and professional manner.
Khalid Shami
Khalid Shami Business Development Director, S.C.T.O Technology
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