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RuptureSeal™ is a line of products designed to easily affect the stoppage and cleanup of leaks in commercial, industrial and private enterprises. Employing a recently patented technology, RuptureSeal™ safely seals ruptures and eliminates damage which in turn safeguards the ecosystem thereby protecting lives. Conveniently and easily installed, the product can save a company considerable money by avoiding spill remediation.


To grow the business to bring it to the next level, the company has decided to develop a new positioning strategy and create a modern brand identity for RuptureSeal™, which had been in the market for several years. The product required a new marketing strategy to start active brand communication and cover all categories of the applications where it can be used. Our task was to offer a brand strategy and creative design concept for RuptureSeal™ based on the analysis of the previous business activities and marketing. The clear positioning strategy and modern brand design should help the unique product RuptureSeal™ find the optimal promotional channels to target its audience more effectively and to grow brand recognition in the market. 


We developed a brand positioning strategy and marketing plan for RuptureSeal™ which included complete rebranding of the brand identity design, logo design, product upgrading, a line of packaging designs, stickers, a key image, a new marketing message (STOP A LEAK DRY) and creating three RuptureSeal™ landing pages with a special offer to target industrial segments of the potential markets.

Our design team created a modern and simple two-colours graphic design concept for marketing communication of RuptureSeal™ which uses standard safety colours: orange & black. The packaging design received a unique brand style with minimum information and maximum focus on the product that rapidly and clearly delivers its message. To demonstrate how RuptureSeal™ works, we created a short video for landing pages and social media channels. The product is unique and it was important to have a short video demonstration for effective marketing communication that would increase interest in RuptureSeal™ and will show the simplicity of using the product.


After rebranding and creating a new positioning strategy, RuptureSeal™ received a fresh, modern corporate identity design and effective marketing communication to build a strong brand. The rebranding goal was reached: the product now has a new vibrant graphic design style and an attractive new brand identity that clearly delivers key marketing messages to consumers. The brand communication on various online and offline platforms helped grow interest and awareness of RuptureSeal™ as an effective and simple solution designed for commercial and industrial purposes as well as individual usage.

In 2018 the Rupture Seal complete rebranding project received a Best of Show at the Summit Creative Award Competition in Boston, USA.

I want to thank Elena Herweyer and Art Fresh
for the professional and well done branding and marketing
they just finished for RuptureSeal™, on time on budget. Thank you!
Wayd McNally
Wayd McNally General Manager, Rupture Seal
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