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We create integrated identity systems

A brand requires a visual identification – here is where graphic design expertise come into play! Your brand’s design is one of the key components of your company’s success. An organic and easy to remember logo design can turn a brand into a popular culture icon. Visual identification and marketing communication have become particularly important in the age of rapidly developing digital technologies. In a world that is overloaded with information, simple and expressive graphic images are easy to recall and identify.

Art Fresh is comprised of a team of experienced creative graphic design experts. We are in design for over 25 years! Our creative team has years of experience developing recognizable brands from Europe, America, and Asia at major advertising agencies in Kyiv, Ukraine. Our talented designers boast several international awards and diplomas received at various advertising festivals for our creative solutions and unique development of brand styles. Most recently, Art Fresh was awarded the Bronze at the Summit International Creative Awards (Boston, USA) in 2013 for the “Self-Promotion Campaign Art Fresh Creative Studio.”

We create globally recognized designs

Our approach includes the development of comprehensive visual systems of brand communication. Uniqueness, symbolism, functionality, simplicity and integrity is a key of the great creative design. We do not limit ourselves to a logo design; instead, we create a complete recognizable and modern visual style. Presentation of your brand, its marketing positioning and the main idea are carried out in one, easy-to-remember, up-to-date style for optimal identification of your product/service. Your customers will easily recognize your brand, whether looking at outdoor advertisements, your uniquely designed website, the packaging design of your product, brochure design, annual reports, posters or any other advertising materials. We aim at simplicity of graphic language and original communication of the brand by visual means in order to achieve instant brand recognition in a highly competitive marketplace.

All your graphic communication conventions will be placed in a single brand book of standards, which will be used for all visual identification of your brand in various advertising media. The resulting consistent representation of your brand will build consumer trust and recognition in the marketplace. Below you will find examples of graphic design projects that we created for our clients.

Uniqueness, symbolism, functionality, simplicity and integrity are keys of great design.

We focus on:

1Brand Identity design
We do more than just logo design – we create the entire world of the brand image including an integrated visual identity systems which outlines how your branding can be used in various forms from print to website design and from office interior design to packaging.
2packaging design
Functionality combined with an outstanding creative visual idea forms the basis for effective packaging design. Packaging is the “sales person” for your product and is most often the first touch point with your consumer. We will develop a unique and modern graphic design concept that allow your product to stand out in the market.
3website design
The website is a “24 hour salesman” for your business and we can help you create a visually attractive, easy to navigate, and modern website design that will work for your brand. We strive for functionality, uniqueness, and simplicity in web design. Your brand will receive a powerful online marketing platform.

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