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The Importance of Creating a Unique Selling Proposition in the Highly Competitive Market

By Art Fresh | Building a Brand
​When you buy anything, there's a reason why you choose a specific product or brand instead of its competitor — and most often, it has less to do with the product itself and a lot more to do with their marketing. Why you choose that product (or why that brand stands out to you) is called its unique selling proposition. >

Yes! You CAN grow your business in crisis

By Elena Herweyer | Effective Marketing Communication
Closed offices, scary news about new cases of COVID-19 and social isolation — we all know what it is because we all are in the same boat! For how long? Nobody knows, but this forced break can be a great time for entrepreneurs to create new opportunities for business!  >

Art Fresh, Inc. Named a Top Canadian B2B Company by Clutch

By Art Fresh | Building a Brand
Art Fresh, Inc. is proud to announce we’ve received an award from Clutch naming us a top marketing agency in Canada. We remain committed to offering our customers high-quality branding, marketing and web design services, especially in a world where these things are critical to success. Whether you need copywriting, rebranding, social media, or entirely different marketing practices, we are ready to help. >

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