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Is your website working well for your business?

By Elena Herweyer | Web Presentation
Does your website reflect your brand image?
Do you know-how is important to create a unique brand identity to be competitive in the market? Your branding is the combined effect of all the visual elements in your marketing strategy. From your website and brochure design to your business card to a professional invoice, everything is responsible for creating an effective brand identity. >

Canada’s Best! ART FRESH Wins 2022 Clutch Award for Leading Advertising Agency

By Art Fresh | Building a Brand
For over a decade, ART FRESH has been helping businesses transform their brands and rapidly scale through our bespoke services and solutions. We are a dedicated team from Canada that’s filled with the most passionate professionals ready to help. Whether it’s advertising, branding, digital strategy, or web design, we can help you. >

ART FRESH Scores Perfect 5 Star Ratings Across the Board on Latest Clutch Review

By Art Fresh | Building a Brand
Big companies and large corporations spend millions and billions of dollars on their branding. For them, building their brand and maintaining it is one of the most crucial aspects of their business. You don’t always have to spend a similar amount of money in order to become successful with your branding efforts. >

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