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When do I really need marketing?

By Elena Herweyer | Effective Marketing Communication
We often hear from our clients: “Do I really need marketing if all is going okay in the business and I have reasonable sales?” Most business owners decide to do marketing and invest in advertising only when they see their business slowing and it is necessary to increase sales fast. >

Brand Logo Design: How Customers Respond to It?

By Art Fresh | Building a Brand
If you are looking to design a new logo for your brand or revamp your old logo and make it more appealing, you have taken the first step to improve your brand identity. Your brand logo has more value than you might think, and it often has a significant impact on the consumer. >

Two Actionable Steps for Making Your Social Media Stand Out Amid COVID-19

By Emma Sloan | Effective Marketing Communication
Social media: since COVID-19 began, everyone and their grandma and grandpa has been on it! Has that uptick in activity translated to increased online sales for some industries? Absolutely! However, some business owners may be feeling tight around the collar when it comes to standing out amid this sudden wave of online competition as more and more businesses start turning to social media for marketing. >

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