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Why You Don’t Attract Clients

By Art Fresh | Building a Brand
When we work with business owners we often hear: “I work hard, spend on advertising, but I don’t attract new clients, Why?” Most people reading this will have a similar problem. So, let’s see why this is happening. When you look back over the recent years you probably notice you’re slowly getting fewer new clients or making fewer sales. The interesting thing is that even you work harder and do your best to serve your clients better, you still can’t improve the results. Usually in such situation business owners tried to change their marketing strategy, do some rebranding, but it doesn’t help much.


Even if you develop a new marketing plan and change your strategy you won’t have desired results, because this problem isn’t related to your marketing itself. The problem is hiding in the marketplace. The speed of changes at your marketplace never been faster and it does affect every business. You see new agile competitors in the market by offering better deals or a wider range of services/products. New technologies and products come up to substitute products that are in the market for decades. So, to compete and survive just offering an exceptional service or product line as you did before, isn’t something very special today to attract clients. The expectations of your clients rise accordingly. The clients are savvy. This is critically important to understand. If you keep doing the same, you are standing still, while the market evolves! This put you in a high-risk zone.
What should you do to avoid this?
The proven way forward, which has worked for our clients is not about just change. The change has to be meaningful. Focus on improvement. You need to do research on your competitor’s prices, services, product lines, promises, special offers, payment terms, etc. To make progress, you’ll need to improve on what and how they are doing. But for meaningful results, you have to go much further iterative improvements on what similar businesses are doing. Meaningful results come from identifying WHAT your prospective client wants and needs, for what they will pay and what isn’t currently being provided in the market.

It’s difficult to succeed at the outer game of business, without working on your inner game of self-leadership, salesmanship and business development acumen. Your success is dependent on doing both. As we did before for other business owners and top managers we can help you look at your business through the eyes of your ideal prospective client. Using the client’s wants and needs you will receive a guide on how to achieve their desired outcomes, which are outside the current scope of your services. Part of the power of private one-on-one coaching and consulting on a bi-monthly basis is an audit of your current situation in the business and your marketing efforts to develop an effective action plan that will focus on the creating new valuable offers for your prospective client. Your focus will be on taking regular action, you will have hands-on tactical support, and the guidance to course correct. This is the most successful model, which we have used for our clients, leads to results. With our support, you will understand what you have to improve in your business to attract new clients and have a return on investment.

The details of the coaching work plan will be determined at the start and customized to your business’s needs, marketing strategy, and business growth objectives. The main result of our coaching is the transformation of your mindset in conducting business in the new marketplace, which ultimately results in growing your clients’ base. 
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