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Package Your Brand Well for Effective Brand Marketing

By Elena Herweyer | Package Your Brand Well
Beauty + Functionality = Successful Packaging Design
When you see vibrant packages on store shelves, what entices you to purchase a particular product? Nobody can deny that packages are like people: the better-looking they are, the more successful they will be in the market. Standout packaging design sells. In fact, the packaging is one of the few marketing components with which every potential customer interacts, and it’s one of the most important factors in a consumer’s decision to purchase. Product packaging often creates the first impression of a brand for a consumer, which is why the most successful companies keep their products wrapped in something fresh, eye-catching, and unique.

Creating powerful and effective packaging design taps into emotion, psychology, and even math! There is a formula for successful packaging design: truly great packages are the ones that captivate a browsing consumer with show-stopping design, persuade the consumer to take the package home, and add value to the consumer’s daily life through intuitive functionality that makes life easier or more interesting.

In the creative design process, packaging provides an opportunity to “WOW” consumers. However, we also need to keep consistency in mind. The human brain uses patterns as a coping mechanism for interpreting the millions of messages it receives every day. When we break patterns, the brain has difficulty deciphering messages. This means that when we create a line of packaging, we need to define which features will be held constant and which will be variable. We also need an overall brand strategy.

Keep in mind that while the world marvels at all things beautiful, people lose interest if there is not a great idea behind those beautiful things. Beauty and functionality is the ultimate tandem: beauty lures in consumers while functionality keeps them interested.

The best packaging designs incorporate beauty, function, and emotion to make strong and meaningful connections with the consumer for a brand marketing. As a result, package design becomes an important and essential practice for marketing a successful product and small business branding.

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