When to rebrand your company?

New time and new economy change the way a consumer behaves. A brand loses its customers and positions in the market. In the modern world, companies must be able to rapidly adapt to market conditions and customer demands. Even the shortest delay can put you out of the race. At times, a small update to the brand’s image will suffice, while at other times, the product/service positioning must be fundamentally revised.

Our creative team will analyze your existing strategy and brand image in order to determine any required market positioning changes or improvements. Effective styles of brand presentation can change rapidly – a sound innovational style a few years ago may have lost its relevance today. We follow the latest market trends and are well positioned to help you “keep up with the times”. Whether a new comprehensive approach to brand promotion or refreshment of the brand’s image is required, we will ensure your brand’s positioning strategy is always “up to date”. Successful rebranding strategy will result in a higher level of business growth by attracting new customers while maintaining the loyalty of existing ones.

Our brand development company has diverse experience in rebranding local and international companies.

Ultimately, brands that “change with the times” with the support of experienced professionals prove to be market winners. Below you can see the successful rebranding projects we have completed for our clients and you will see the results for yourself.
The client: IMC company Rebranding Web design
In 2017, IMC — one of the top-10 agricultural companies in Ukraine, marked its 10th anniversary. To celebrate, the company embarked on a rebranding process to reflect a new vision: to become the leading agricultural company in the world for investors, employees, clients and the community. The rebranding had to reflect the company’s innovation and new brand strategy while incorporating its updated name: IMC Innovations + Management + Commitment.
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The trade mark: Honibe Rebranding Packaging design
Honibe® is a line of the world's first pure dried honey products that did rebranding of packaging design for Honibe® Lozenges to better represent the natural and delicious candies made from natural honey.
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The client: BioSpa (Quann) Cosmeceuticals Inc. Rebranding Packaging design
The project task of the client was to rebrand TM Quannessence – a natural and professional cosmetic made in PEI. The aim of rebranding strategy was to develop a classic and premium quality identity design for the trademark, packaging design, brochure design and print materials to position the product as a premium quality natural cosmetic. The refreshed brand has to be represented in the Atlantic and central Canadian (Halifax, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal) marketplaces.
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The client: RuptureSeal™ Rebranding Packaging design
RuptureSeal™ is a line of products designed to easily effect the stoppage and cleanup of leaks in commercial, industrial and private enterprises. Employing a recently patented technology, RuptureSeal™ safely seals ruptures and eliminates damage which in turn safeguards the ecosystem thereby protecting lives. Conveniently and easily installed, the product can save a company considerable money by avoiding spill remediation.
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The client: Cy’s Grill Rebranding
Cy's Grill was established in 1980 by owner Cy Rashed serving fresh Island beef. The restaurant is a Charlottetown gem serving the city’s “best burger”. To its 35 years anniversary, the restaurant decided to make complete rebranding. We developed a new logo design included an image of the founder, brand identity and a slogan: "Fresh Every Day!" New menus, outdoor advertising and promo materials received new firm style.
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