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We create effective online presentations for brands

A brand is designed to package all of its associations, experiences, and characteristics into an emotional world. A brand is a critical media marketing tool that helps win customers and keep them.

Branding is a comprehensive system that is performed across all types of advertising from product packaging, TV commercials and magazine ads to interior store decoration and outdoor advertising. And, of course, branding is key in web design. Consistently using branding in online marketing will set your business apart and make your website memorable.

In the new economy, an internet presence for a brand is vital. We develop effective and modern websites using the most recent SEO technologies to help you meet your brand objectives and reach your target audience faster.
The client: S.C.T.O. Marketing strategy Web design Branding Social media
RESTGU™ is a new solution for the restaurant business that provides online education, a test and certification. We developed, a custom web solution for the RESTGU™ Guide where users can register a free Personal cabinet to read the Guide, complete the RESTGU™ Test and receive the RESTGU™ Certificate. is another custom web platform where restaurateurs can join an international professional network to share their own ideas, recipes, events and experiences. This is a new RESTGU™ social media platform.
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The client: The City of Summerside Web design Brand strategy Branding Copywriting Social media
The task was to represent the City of Summerside via media channels in highlighting the advantages and opportunities of doing business in Summerside and to create a “call to action” that will resonate with the target audience. The key marketing channels for communication became a website, video and social media. We developed a website to create a strong online presence for Summerside and to communicate the advantages, “big possibilities”, and government programs that allow businesses to grow in the city and provide access to the North American market.
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The client: GCACC Web design Brand strategy Branding Video
PEI NETWORK is an informal networking program of the Greater Charlottetown Area Chamber of Commerce connecting business and community leaders with Prince Edward Island’s top talent. In order to introduce the new business program, where the target audience and the stakeholders could find full information about PEI NETWORK and join it, we developed an explanatory video and website. The website became the important channel for generating new leads for the program.
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We develop custom mobile applications

We build high-quality mobile applications and provide numerous web services and ecosystems. We create, develop, and promote products for our clients to help grow awareness of their brand. We work to obtain superior results and our clients appreciate the end product developed at our workstations. These results are attained by applying cutting-edge technologies and we work hard to achieve “excellence”.

Mobile applications (apps) redesigned to bring clients to your company and your product or service using new communication channels. This allows you to promote your product or service directly to your target audience. Installed apps on mobile devices often indicate that the device users have a pre-existing interest in your product or service.

Mobile applications provide several benefits for your clients that are not available in conventional advertising and promotion channels:

#1 Speed
Push-notifications are extremely fast. This technology allows you to very easily promote your product or service to thousands of your clients.

#2 Versatility
It is much more efficient for a mobile device user to tap on one icon to obtain information than to enter text in a browser in order to perform a search for your company, product, or service.

#3 Information
Applications provide useful information about your clients such as their phone numbers (for callbacks) and geographical locations.

There are many more benefits to mobile applications. For example, apps are very user-friendly and your app may be recommended to non-clients, growing your client base without additional expense.

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