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marketing-optimized, high-efficiency websites that guarantee a stream of prospects.

We will create a fully mobile responsive marketing platform that is designed with the single goal to turn your visitors into buyers.

We don’t create websites that only look beautiful.

We develop completely custom-designed high-performance marketing platforms of any complexity to help businesses convert visitors into eager buyers. In the fast-growing, competitive world of the Internet, a brand can’t stand out just through visual appeal. Brands need to also have an irresistible offer that their website communicates effectively… without having to rely on spending a single cent more on Google or Facebook advertising.

Here at Art Fresh, we not only stand behind our services but we tell you what it means by clearly spelling it out for you. Our websites will be an amazing solution for your business if you want to:

1) Build a stream of leads in a cost-effective way. Guaranteed!
At Art Fresh, we understand and respect your business investment goals and will do all that it takes to ensure your website does the marketing work for you 24/7, so you can save on your sellers. We guarantee you constant testing and measuring of implemented initiatives.

2) Get your website paid off faster. Guaranteed!
We have an experienced web development and digital marketing team that helps business owners like you to build comprehensive web platforms for marketing that results in paying off your investment faster. We’ll increase conversions visitors to prospects allowing you to reach your business goals sooner than expected.

3) Do a one-time investment with no further fees for maintenance. Guaranteed!
Our high-end, professionally-coded websites don’t use any ready platforms which means they don’t need further maintenance. So, you won’t have any further fees for the website support. We create a fully customized, easy-to-use content management system that allows our clients to independently edit texts and replace images on the web pages directly using inbuilt cropping functions. This way, you can update content yourself faster and easier, while maintaining complete website security. The user-friendly content management system we build is based on your needs, not the options available on WordPress or any other ready online platform.

4) Completely “Done-For-You” solutions. Guaranteed!
We’ll take all the work for creating an engaging sales copy, infographics, photo shooting, through to a beautiful, exclusive responsive web design that doesn't use any templates or cheap bulk solutions.

5) Get unbelievably responsive and proactive customer service. Guaranteed!
We’ll handle all the questions you might have during our work or after the website is launched on your hosting. Our everyday email support allows you to get fast responses seven days a week. You’ll never be in the dark again about when you get a response and technical support comes in, when you need it, and any other questions you need to know.

6) And much much more!

the marketing platform to accelerate your business growth.

In the new economy of the digital world, an Internet presence for a brand is vital. Your website should not only be a presentation of your business, but a marketing platform where your prospects are landed from advertising, PR, email marketing, social media, and online search. If it is done properly your website boosts the results of all your marketing efforts through the communication channels, so you need to make sure your website is high performing in order to generate profits for you.

Hence, it doesn't make sense to leave it to a web designer and not to digital marketers who know how to create an effective marketing platform that will make money for your business.

Look: if your website is helping you convert visitors into buyers, you can save a lot on sales and invest more in ads to drive more traffic to it than your competitors.

Your website will attract more interest and attention, so you will pay less to acquire customers and increase your market share.

If you want to create a marketing platform that gives you a competitive edge and helps you save on marketing costs, you should speak to our team today!

Art Fresh is more than a marketing agency. They develop and execute innovative solutions to help build and promote opportunities grounded on developing a relationship to truly understand your business needs.

Mike Thususka Director of Economic Development
City of Summerside

I have over 15 years’ cooperation experience with Elena Herweyer and the Art Fresh team under branding projects in Ukraine and the EU. I know that when I have a complex marketing task with tough deadlines I can address it to Art Fresh and get a high-quality branding service that totally meets the brand and company's strategy.

Yulia Andrushkina Director of Marketing and Investor Relations at IMC

Elena and her staff are by far the best in the world at what they do. They are always so professional and very quick to help out with anything I need. Over the years they have tripled my business and more, I feel very fortunate to have become very good friends with her and her family along the way. I highly recommend Art Fresh!

Jeff MacNeill Owner & operator at MacNeill's Tuna & Deep sea Fishing

Elena's team at Art Fresh really went above and beyond to make the adequate appearance for Summerside Xchange's vision. Very professional service, highly recommended.

Kata Magyar Program Manager Smart Landing Program Canada

Art Fresh has done amazing work for us, resulting in strong brand recognition and continues to be an important part of our branding strategies.

Reid Barnett Founder and owner at Trillium Skincare Laboratories Inc.

I’m impressed! I first started with Art Fresh a Start Business Package and continued to do lots of work with them. They are always fast response which I hardly find the same speed on the island while still ensuring high-quality jobs are delivered. Moreover, I found at Art Fresh especially Elena – the CEO having characters of a business partner. She listens and understands my expectations, barriers and always comes up with solutions, not just a service which I’m highly appreciated. Thank you so much to Elena and your team!

Nhu Tran Founder and owner at Ann Wellness

Thank supports from the team of Art Fresh, Inc., we can launch the new brands and preliminary marketing campaign in Canada smoothly. It's a firm decision of ours to keep the long relationship with Art Fresh, Inc.

Fred Truong President at Krisland Products Ltd.

We worked with Art Fresh on many projects. They are professional, creative and very flexible. They do not rest until they make sure their customer is 100% satisfied. We recommend Art Fresh for brand development and website development. Art Fresh is a one-stop shop for all your branding and marketing needs. Very unique and a pleasure to work with.

Rita Jreije Partner at Gaia's Urban Eatery

With Elena's background as a professional artist and my book directly related to developing the arts sector both from within and with external collaborations, they were the perfect choice. I was beyond pleased with the end result and throughly enjoyed the process of working with Elena and her team as they built my website, as well. Always professional and responsive to my ideas and needs. I highly recommend this company for your consideration of any website development and book cover/design work.

M. Catherine (Cate) Proctor, MBA Author and owner at Proctor Shift Consulting

Not only did Elena and her team create an arresting visual, but the tagline — Expand Your Business World — helped clarify our thinking about the ultimate goal of this event. Art Fresh provides beautiful creative, but so much more.

Patti Devine Project Director at Island Advance

I have been delighted by Art Fresh's creativity and project management skills. Best of all, the brand is working for us. We've exceeded our first-year targets in seven months and expect the trend to continue.

Alana Walsh, BPR CEC PEI Network Program Manager

Love love love all that Elena and the Art Fresh team do to create the perfect image for my business.

Sharon Lynn Quann President at Biospa (Quann) Cosmeceuticals Inc.

We're very pleased with our new brand identity and the way Art Fresh conducts the business. It has been a great experience working with Art Fresh. Incredibly organized, easy to communicate with, responsive, and carefully evaluated our needs in a very organized and professional manner.

Khalid Shami Business Development Director at S.C.T.O. Technology
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