The City of Summerside

Creative Design

Summerside is a Canadian city in Prince County, Prince Edward Island. It is the second largest city in the province and the principal municipality for the western part of the island. Summerside is quickly becoming recognized by potential investors, site selectors and business leaders as "the city to watch" for growth. From developing one of the lowest cost operating environments in Canada to investment in state-of-the-art technology and facilities, Summerside continues to surprise and meet the needs of those businesses that already call it home.


To develop engaging marketing materials to represent innovations and ambitions of the City of Summerside abroad to international investors and businessmen with the goal of inviting collaboration and describing the advantages and opportunities of doing business in Summerside.


Created animated presentation with marketing print materials consistent with the city’s branding and utilized an engaging approach to promote innovation for all economic sectors representing the eco city with the big possibilities.

Our work on the video presentation included the creation of scenario, storyboards, illustrations, copywriting, graphic design, animation and voice recording. We also developed a uniform corporate style for all brochures to represent the City of Summerside, the eco-systems, and the aerospace and IT sectors using modern and dynamic graphic design concepts for effective marketing communication with the target audience.


We developed an informative and attractive video presentation, promotional brochures design for each economic sector and a custom illustrative map highliting the innovations and ambitions of The City of Summerside. The created content and style of communication became an important piece of the online presentation of Summerside’s new initiatives. The marketing materials became a key tool to promote and engage the international and local business communities.
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Mike Thususka
Mike Thususka Director of Economic Development
City of Summerside
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