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8 keys to writing ad copy that will sell like crazy

By Elena Herweyer | Jan 06 2024

Why spend hundreds of dollars on copy that won't convert when you can create an advertisement that actually sells by answering the following eight questions?

​Here you go! :)

1. Is this of personal interest to me?

The first lines of your text or the title should clearly indicate who you are talking to in order to attract the attention of your target group.

2. Why should I read this right now?

Everyone is busy and overloaded with tons of information that surrounds us everywhere. The headline of your copy should contain a compelling reason why your prospect should read your message.

3. Is this exactly the solution to my problem?

Once you give a compelling reason why your prospect should read your message, you'll need to describe your offer with all the benefits to your prospects to show that this is the solution they need.

4. What's new, special, easy, exciting and unique about this?

Your offer must answer this question to stand out from the competition and grab attention to inspire a potential customer to learn more about it.

5. Do you have conclusive evidence that it works?

Your offer will be very attractive if you provide compelling evidence that your solution works. This could be printouts of analytics, reports, or comparisons of your product's performance before and after use.

6. What do others say about it?

No one feels comfortable buying a product or service they have never tried before. Written reviews or video testimonials from people who like to use your product are essential for your offer.

7. Can you guarantee this will work for me?

You'll need to add a guarantee to make your offer irresistible that no one can ignore. The warranty must be specific, extensive and limited in time. The longer the period you offer for the guarantee, the better. General and weak guarantees such as a “satisfaction guarantee” should not be given. This won't work.

8. What would you like me to do next?

Don't forget to include a call to action at the end of the text. People want to know what you want from them after they read your proposal. A call to action with a compelling reason to take it immediately will generate more inquiries and calls.

These eight questions will help you write compelling ads to sell more in 2024. If you do it right, your ad copy will sell like crazy!

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