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Digital Marketing

Generating Leads With Online Marketing

By Art Fresh | Jan 06 2024

Online marketing has become an essential part of generating leads for any business, as the number of internet users is upwards of 2.5 billion people. Imagine the potential of this market and what it can do for your business.


8 keys to writing ad copy that will sell like crazy

By Elena Herweyer | Jan 06 2024

Why spend hundreds of dollars on copy that won't convert when you can create an advertisement that actually sells by answering the following eight questions?


8 Things Your Website Designer Will Never Tell You

By Elena Herweyer | Dec 19 2023

You’ve probably invested several thousands of dollars in developing a clean and shiny new website for your business. The goal? To build trust and receive more calls from potential clients. Yet you suddenly realize that your website isn’t bringing you more clients.


12 Steps: A Checklist on How to Get More Clients in 2024

By Elena Herweyer | Dec 06 2023

2024 is around the corner, and NOW is a great time to set big, exciting goals for your business. To ensure a steady revenue stream, you need clients. What is the best way to get new clients? Here is a proven plan on how to get more clients on an ongoing basis.


The Secrets of Creating an Effective Marketing Strategy for 2023

By Elena Herweyer | Mar 22 2022

According to Econsultancy, only about 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates. That means that more than three-quarters of all business people out there are trying to figure out why they’re not making more despite what they feel is a great product or a unique service.


Why You Don’t Attract Clients

By Art Fresh | Mar 19 2022

When we work with business owners we often hear: “I work hard, spend on advertising, but I don’t attract new clients, Why?” Most people reading this will have a similar problem. So, let’s see why this is happening.


Closing Thoughts: Brand Development

By Elena Herweyer | Mar 17 2022

Over the course of the last three months, you have learned the foundation of brand development and brand advertising. You have defined who you are as a company; researched your target customers; analyzed your market and competitors; considered your specialty design, taglines, message and corporate style.


Guide #5 Online Branding and Marketing

By Elena Herweyer | Mar 11 2022

The fifth piece in our branding series is all about promotion. After spending the last four articles creating your brand strategy, now we want to take action and get your message to your customer.

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