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8 Things Your Website Designer Will Never Tell You

By Elena Herweyer | Dec 19 2023

You’ve probably invested several thousands of dollars in developing a clean and shiny new website for your business. The goal? To build trust and receive more calls from potential clients. Yet you suddenly realize that your website isn’t bringing you more clients. This is both disappointing and frustrating.

As a business owner, knowing that you have a high-performing website is very empowering. This is because when your website brings you new clients, it’s working FOR you, and you get to enjoy a steady cash flow and growing revenue.

However, many obstacles must be overcome before you can get to that point. Can website design be capitalized? Not only do you have to create a professional representation of your company, products, or services – but you also have to turn your website into a 24/7 salesperson who works hard for your business. This can be the most difficult challenge of all.

Here’s some good news: creating a high-performing website doesn’t have to be as challenging as you think. Far from it! In fact, simply implementing the right marketing strategies and communication techniques will transform your website into an enticing, user-friendly, and conversion-driven machine.

Why didn’t your website designer do it right in the first place? Which website designer is best?

Well, there’s a colossal difference between building a website and building a high-performance marketing platform that converts visitors into eager buyers in the shortest possible timeframe.
And we’re here to share powerful industry secrets with you. The tips you’re about to read will be eye-opening. This information your web designer will never share with you.
After reading this, you will know what it takes to create a website that boosts credibility AND client acquisition while making sure that you avoid wasting thousands of dollars on a website designer who simply builds another template-based, underperforming website.

So, what are these website success secrets?

Let’s start by asking a few questions.

1. Do you know what your ideal client's biggest pains, problems, desires, and goals are?

Most website designers don’t take the time to learn about what keeps your potential clients awake at night. And if they don’t understand this very fundamental need, how are they supposed to create a website that positions your service or products as the solution to your client’s needs? Having a deep understanding of the market demand will help you create a compelling offer.

2. Why should people buy from you instead of from your competitors?

Website designers build websites that “sell” the services or products you provide rather than focusing on selling the result your ideal client is looking forand that you provide. This is a completely opposite point of view from what you want your website and communication to accomplish. Without a solid and professionally developed marketing strategy, your website will not turn prospects into paying clients. Most website designers don’t know how to create a massively compelling reason for people to hire you or buy from you.

3. Do you know how long it takes for visitors to your website to form an opinion about your business? 0.05 seconds. 

In this short amount of time, visitors determine whether they want to learn more about your services and whether they want to stay or leave your website. And here’s an interesting tidbit: 75% of consumers admit that they judge a company’s credibility based on their website.

4. You may be asking yourself, why is that?

Well, it’s a simple matter of choice and comparison. For any given search, there are multiple results that fit a prospect’s needs. And with so many options, prospects have the luxury of quickly and ruthlessly judging a business based on its website. Once your website passes the snap judgment test, it will need to be engaging in order to keep visitors on your website.

5. Does your website have a message or image that instantly grabs visitors’ attention while enticing potential customers to want to learn more about your business?

The next challenge your website needs to address is users’ first impression of your website. This typically falls under user interaction and page navigation. Is it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for? Consumers take an average of 2.6 seconds to “feel” if your business and offer resonate with them, so your website must be engaging with easy navigation.

6. Is your website’s content optimized to generate leads organically?

In the fast-growing, competitive world of the Internet, a company can’t stand out just through visual appeal alone. Businesses also need to have an irresistible offer that their website communicates effectively without having to rely on spending a single cent on Google or Facebook advertising.

According to stats, 70% of business websites lack a clearly communicated Call to Action (CTA) on their homepage.

What does it mean?

Prospects need to be told what to do. If your offer is not compelling with a clear direction, visitors are less likely to follow through on your CTA. Why? Go back and read point #2 above.

When your website design is created with the right strategy and these practices in mind, it becomes a powerful credibility-boosting tool that communicates your unique value proposition—but most importantly, it becomes your online marketing platform for 24/7 sales!

7. Is your website responsive to all screen sizes?

85% of adults think that a company’s website should be as good or even better than its desktop version when viewed on a mobile device.

And something often overlooked by website designers: when users need to zoom in to be able to read the text as they scroll through your pages on their mobile devices, they simply won’t stay on your site. And guess what? It takes visitors 0.05 seconds to figure that out!

8. Do you know what percentage of consumers are less likely to return to your website after a bad experience?

The answer to that question is a whopping 88%!

Unfortunately, the internet can be very unforgiving and doesn’t hand out second chances. In fact, everything we’ve learned so far tells us that bad website design, weak business offers, and low usability are major credibility killers.

And there you have it. Knowing this now, you can see why it doesn't make $en$e to count on a website designer to create an effective marketing platform that makes money for your business. Instead, you should turn to a digital marketer who truly understands these principles.

Your website will attract more interest and attention, making you pay less to acquire customers and increase your market share.

If you want to create a marketing platform that gives you a competitive edge and helps you save on digital marketing and social media marketing costs, you should speak to our team today!

To your success!
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