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How packaging design can sell your product?

By Art Fresh | Mar 03 2022

Have you ever created a product? If you have, then you’ve probably spent countless hours worrying about different aspects of your creation such as its quality, durability, design, taste, etc. But none of that ultimately matters if the external packaging design isn’t up to standards.

Think about it, when you pick a product from a store shelf, the only things you can see are the packaging design and price. And unless you’ve bought the product before, there’s no way to know what’s inside. That means that in many cases, the most important factor in determining whether the product is worth your money is the packaging design.

I know what you’re thinking right now: “but the packaging is the least important thing! It doesn’t even have anything to do with the actual product” And yes, you’re right, the packaging design is a very superficial part of the product. But as you’re about to learn, it’s also one of the most important aspects of a product that sells well. And be honest with yourself, would you pick a product with a terrible packaging design? Probably not, since It’s a clear telltale sign that the company didn’t invest in making a good product.

How packaging design drives purchases

It’s a well-known fact by marketers that emotions are one of the primary drivers of buying behaviour. Remember a time when you saw an item, got excited about it, and then purchased it? That’s emotional marketing at its finest.

Packaging design is the last tool in the marketing toolbox you have to leverage the power of emotions. It’s the last message or “ad” that your customers see before finally deciding to purchase your product. It’s also often the first impression if it’s the first time customers encounter your product. And if the first impression isn’t good, customers won’t hesitate to purchase from the competition right next in the shelve.

What makes great packaging?

Great packaging design is tailored to your customers. Deeply understanding your audience is key to making an effective packaging design. Ask yourself: What specific things are your customers looking for? Which emotions would be better to provoke in order to incentivize purchase behaviour?

For example, a toy product’s packaging design would do good by instilling excitement because that’s what customers are looking for when they buy toys. Whereas a book could entice customers by provoking curiosity. If a packaging design is able to consistently instill the right emotions—emotions that drive purchases—it’s safe to say that it’s good packaging design.

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