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How to get more clients

By Elena Herweyer | Jan 26 2024

If you want to attract more clients or increase sales, deadlines are extremely effective.


The deadlines are one of the most powerful motivators as they add a sense of scarcity.

A deadline in your offer will be a powerful marketing tool. It will attract attention and create urgency, keeping the prospect's attention focused on the action because no one wants to miss it.

Fear of missing out on something that interests us is very powerful. A sense of urgency grabs your prospect's attention in a way that isn't possible if you don't include a deadline for your offer. It will make your offer much stronger.

The shorter the period, the higher the motivation! ️

Just keep in mind that if the deadline is too short, you will receive fewer requests. If the deadline is too long, your offer will not motivate the desired action. You need to find a balance.

See where you can add a deadline to your marketing to increase attention, focus and urgency, which will help you increase response rates and sales.

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