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How to Increase Your Business Growth — 5 Useful Strategies

By Art Fresh | Mar 16 2022

1. A Good Way to Bring Structure to Your Growth Mission is to Set Goals

Even though making an effort to expand your business might seem like just a thing you do along the way, this task is a pretty serious undertaking and it demands your attention.

In order to make it more realistic and, therefore, attainable, setting some clear, well-outlined goals is a must. Throw in a couple of deadlines for good measure, and you’ll make great progress in no time!

Here’s how it might work, for example:

— Increase the number of customers acquired through remarketing emails by X within the Y period.

— Attract 20,000 visitors to your website through social media marketing by the end of the month.

— Add an X number of new people to your email list.

All in all, setting up goals isn’t nuclear science — keep it simple, keep it attainable, and you should have a good start.

2. Ever Heard of Exit Popups?

It may appear a tad weird, but exit popups can be a pretty useful tool for attracting, (or rather re-attracting) a customer to your website.

As a visitor is about to leave, hit them with a pop-up that reminds them of an offer you’re pitching at the moment. Also, you can redirect them to a simple signup page, which, if they go through with, you’ll be able to capitalize on later down the road!

3. Try to Reuse Some of Your Old Content

A great way to maximize the usefulness of your website’s content is to simply reuse the old entries in a new way.

To do this, you can set up a special, weekend-only newsletter that would feature some old content as a throwback of sorts. (If you do this, just make sure that the content you’re using is still relevant today!)

4. Make Sure to Optimize Your Online Assets Regularly

An easy way to optimize your website is to test out different versions of the content, CTA’s and titles you’ve got posted on it. Even the structure itself can be changed to be more appealing to a customer!

For example, you might want to try out different colour layouts, text placements, and other parameters. (Tools such as Optimizely and Visual Website Optimizer will help a bunch with this.)

5. Did you Know Error 404 Page Can be Used for Link Placement?

While very few businesses are immune to 404 errors every now and again, only a small number uses them to further their marketing campaign.

In order to reap the benefits of even such an irritating occurrence as an error page, make sure to equip yourself with a pitch for your business.

Make it a landing page and make sure to include a CTA on it for signing up!

All this considered, a good business growth plan goes beyond getting exposure on social media and pushing out content on your website. A couple of extra patches here and there, a bit of ingenuity and a willingness to use every asset you have can truly go a long way!
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